Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Ideas to make food innovative and healthy

>> Sep 22, 2017

Pleasing a kid and make them eat is the biggest task for a mother. Running around the kids to make them eat the healthy food which is beneficial for their growth is the task all mothers have to go through every day. Hence, the experts suggest that the more we get innovative when making food for kids, the more they will get attracted to food. Today, the kids are quite inclined towards the junk food, which is sold in the market but that is not at all healthy.And it is also difficult to make them resist the tempting food available in the market as even being adults we sometimes can’t resist having the food that is sold in the market. But what if the same food can be made at home? This will actually solve the major problem of feeding the kids and family with the food which is healthy and delicious just like what is available in the market.

Here we bring some of the ideas to make the food innovative and make the kids love it.

There are few foods that are not just loved by kids but even by the adults which include cutlets, French fries, pizza, noodles, ice creams and a lot more, but if all these foods can be made at home half of the problem is solved. Cutlets are the basic and easy to make item when it comes to selecting evening snacks for kids or even when you have the guests coming to place. Now, how to make cutlet at home? Making cutlets is not at all a difficult task and the best part is one can make a lot of different variants of cutlets. Potato cutlets are very common and easy, but to add a twist to them one can add some healthy vegetables that are finely chopped, this will bring a new flavour and taste to the boring cutlets.

When it comes to snacks, there are numerous food items that can be made at home quite easily with all the ingredients easily available in every household. With so many easy to make recipes available online as well as on a lot of cookery shows can make anyone a perfect chef at home. Have you noticed that the food served in the restaurant gets more popular because of the way they present it, attractive food which can be achieved by some easy and creative presentation techniques can bring the beauty to the homemade food as well? Bring the spark to your food with some techniques to make your food look attractive. Adding colours to the food, which can be done by using different vegetables for decoration, can add nutrients as well as beauty to your food and not just the kids but also the adults will love the food made by you.

In the time, when people are very conscious about the food they eat, making a food which is healthy is very important, and when it comes to the fried food, then it gets very difficult to make food cooked in less oil. But there are numerous alternatives to do the cooking using minimum amount of oil.

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