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Teachergive Sale 2023

London's Top 5 Food Spots for Under a Tenner.

>> Sep 15, 2017

London’s bountiful food choice can be confusing for newcomers, especially when you consider the fact that the local food markets have just as tasty offerings as the high-end restaurants. After you’ve decided to rent a house in London, the next decision should be deciding what and where to eat. This resourceful guide takes you through the best of London’s cheap food destinations, all for less than ten pounds.  

Eat Your Greens at Mike and Ollie’s

Head into Lewisham’s Brockley Market for a taste of Mike and Ollie’s legendary flatbreads served in the Lebanese style. This means getting your pick of meat, fish, or vegetable stuffing in a warm, fluffy flatbread with all the fixings. At only £7, you’ll surely be satisfied with both the food and the price.

Fun fact: The food is so tasty that people now want to have it at home, and Mike and Ollie have responded by launching a catering service.

Bratwurst at Herman ze German

With a name like Herman ze German, how could you resist cracking a smile and then visiting this hall of wurst? For £4.45 you can get London’s best bratwurst at three busy London locations - Soho, Charing Cross and Fitzrovia.

Get the unique German take on a hot dog as a mix of beef, pork, and chilli or just go straight for pork with the magnificent Frankfurter. For another £4.45, you can get a souvenir tote bag to take home the remains of the filling dish (if there are any).

Malaysian Bites at the Roti King

Roti King is an Asian fusion restaurant located at 40 Doric Way in Euston. Though it claims Pan-Asian credentials, authentic Malaysian food is its specialty.

Londoners rush in for the £5.50 roti flatbread called Roti Canai filled with chicken, meat, or fish curry. Lunch specials are just under £7, and you definitely don't want to skip the sweet roti with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

If you’re planning on being here in September, it can be a real treat to visit Roti King due to the Malaysian traditional Merdeka festival. 

Dig in the Moo Pie at the Pieminister

London’s Pieminister is a Bristol staple whose menu will humor you with names like “Chicken of Aragon” and keep you full at the same time. Are you up for a small plate of Pigs in Blankets for just £3.50? Or how about opting for the Moo pie, the traditional British delicacy made of steak and craft ale.

A full meal with side dishes is less than a tenner. The “Feast” including a classic British pie, two sides, and a “pimp stick” comes in just at £10 and is enough to satisfy two people.

Note: Pieminister has two locations - one in Farringdon and one in Southwark. 

Breakfast is at Dishoom

Dishoom is an Indian restaurant with an Iranian twist. Sharing an Akuri breakfast with a friend will cost you less than £15 total. The one-of-a-kind combo of scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes is a local favorite. Alternatively, try the Kejriwal, a meal of two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast that’s named after a devoted fan of the dish. The convenient Covent Garden location is a bonus, or you can find other locations of Dishoom across London.

By learning a few local secrets about London’s amazing bargain food places, it will be simple to eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner out without worrying about breaking the bank. Then, you’ll still have enough to spend on drinks later in the night!

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