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Teachergive Sale 2023

The Thrifty Student: 3 Ways to Save

>> Sep 10, 2017

The smart college student never pays full price for anything. If you've started to hit the bottom of your piggy bank as you're studying, partying and interning, here are just three savvy ways to put some coins back through the slot.
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1. Take Advantage of Campus Amenities

There's no need to pay for an off-campus gym membership if your college has exercise equipment that can be used by anyone. You might also have access to free healthcare in a nurse's office and free counseling by mental health professionals in campus support groups. The library might have a DVD selection where you can check out your favorite flicks, and if not, there are always books. These are just a few ways to cut everyday expenses out of your budget by using the college's free facilities instead. Whether you're looking for software classes or legal services, there's probably someone that can help you get it for a low price.

2. Flash Your Student ID Everywhere

Speaking of low prices, you might be surprised to realize how many student discounts are out in the wild. From plane tickets in New York to storage pickup service Boston MA, a valid student ID can knock a few dollars off your purchase price at many different establishments. There are even websites that track college-friendly businesses and make lists of all the discounts that are offered to university kids. Whether you're hoping to minimize your clothes budget or expand your digital music collection, always check and see if you can save a few bucks with your student ID. The worst that they can do is say no.

3. Stop Paying for Entertainment

There's always something to see and do on a college campus, so instead of spending your money on a big blockbuster at the local theater, check your campus bulletin board and see what the film club is playing on Friday. Not only will you enjoy free, conveniently-located entertainment, but you'll probably get complementary snacks out of the deal as well. You can also do this with things like plays, concerts, art showings and sports games. Take a free cooking class from the health majors instead of going out to eat at an expensive restaurant. Enjoy an indie rock performance from the scene kids instead of paying top dollar for bad seats at a professional concert.

These are just three ways to stretch your budget a little further as a college student. Enjoy!

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