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6 Best Educational Kids Toys to Smarten Up Your Children

>> Sep 19, 2017

Teaching children can sometimes become a tedious task especially if they are very energetic. Every child is different and may need different approaches that engage them in their academics. While some kids learn through stories, other may be better candidates for interactive games. It's no secret that several educational toys on the market aim to smarten up your children. There are countless educational toys available that promote problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and critical thinking skills. These skills are imperative to a child's development. Besides, who says that learning had to be a dull experience?

#1 Stuffed Animals

Sounds are a very integral part of learning and enhancing a one's development. A lot of stuffed animals come with inserted audio which makes the interaction for the child a lot more meaningful. Children ages 1-4 will benefit from stuffed animals by learning about the different animals. There are different animal options to choose from, and each makes an individual sound. Kids will become familiar with the common sounds animals make while learning how each animal looks. The visual representation of stuffed animals will improve a child's creativity and senses.

#2 Dolls

The options for educational dolls are endless. Children of any age can learn early parenting skills. Interactive baby dolls are perfect for boys and girls ages 4+. Children will discover the elements of nurturing at a young age while learning how to care for infants. Other dolls are available that help children learn about the anatomy of a human being. Rosi - The Little Patient, is a good example for this. It's a great model for learning about major organs and adding new words to a child's vocabulary.

#3 Wooden Puzzles

Choosing appropriate puzzles for your children can be very confusing. You don't want to give your child a toy that may be too difficult for them to use. However, it's also important to make sure the toys are a bit challenging so that the child is always learning something new. There is a large variety of wooden puzzles available to ensure that children are engaged and learning. Wooden peg puzzles are ideal for toddlers who are becoming familiar with numbers and the alphabet. Peg puzzles will require that the child matches the object (number, letter, or animal) into the right available space. That will help the child to develop proper placement and ordering skills. Another great wooden puzzle toy is the wooden cube puzzle. It requires disassembly and reassembly of cubes. The cube wooden puzzle is a very fun and challenging toy for enhancing problem-solving skills.

#4 Computer Games

Electronic games are becoming more and more popular every day among children of all ages. Miniature laptops and tablets come in vibrant colors with different challenging activities. Writing can be made easy for children with products like Vtech writing board. Children can trace letters, and the advanced technology will let them know if they did it correctly. Improved precision and control in the child's writing will be noticeable. Electronic globes (for children ages 5+) increase the child's IQ and memory retention by allowing them to explore the world at their fingertips. Children can expect a fun geography lesson with this toy! 

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#5 Food Related Toys

Vegetables aren't necessarily popular with kids. Replicated toys of almost all common foods are available online. Although they aren't edible, children can still familiarize themselves with the different types of foods that exist. The exposure a child has to a variety of food, the more options they'll have. Some kids fear trying other vegetables because a piece of broccoli they had wasn't particularly the greatest experience. However, not all veggies taste bad. While learning about foods, children may be surprised that they find a new vegetable that they love. If a child is reluctant about accepting new things, introduce them to the foods first. This way, they'll be more inclined to try it at least. The representation of the different toy foods will develop a child's senses by allowing him/her to become familiar with colors and textures.

#6 Science Kits

An adult usually monitors the use of science kits. A lot can come out of science related toys. For instance, ant farms happen to be very interactive. Children can learn a lot about the characteristics of different types of insects while also learning how to care for them. Science kits that contain different chemical elements can teach children about cause and effect. Children can also discover more about plants and become conscious of their natural environments. These kinds of toys inspire creativity and the desire to explore.

How toys affect child development depends on the type of toy. Age is certainly something to consider when choosing the appropriate toy for a child's needs. Most of the toys listed are durable which is crucial for rambunctious, reckless kids.

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Photo credits: pexels.com, pixabay.com

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