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7 Things You Can Do to Stay Active With Your Kids!

>> Sep 2, 2017

If you’re worried that your child sits in the house, playing video games all day long, then you’re not alone. It can affect your child’s health, because he has been doing no physical activity, and it has been shown that every child needs to be physically active for at least an hour in a day. 

It will greatly help them to grow stronger muscles and will strengthen them up both physically and mentally. Thus these are some of the things you can do to become active along with your kid so that it helps both of you to stay healthy.

1.     Get Fully Rested
This is extremely important, as you need to rest to fuel yourself up. This will make you feel good as soon as you wake up, and this will in turn; help you to feel good throughout the day. This way, whenever you’re being active, you won’t feel tired and you will just like being active with your kid.

 The same will help your kid stay active as well. A healthy sleep of 8 hours every night can do the trick for the both of you and you will stay healthy and active throughout.

2.     Walk Or Cycle To School Together
You know, going in a school bus or a car might be convenient, but if your child’s school isn’t too far away from home, you should definitely skip the vehicles for either walking or cycling. Both of these things have tremendous health benefits, and will just help you start your day off in the right way.

Some activity right in the morning can make your whole day much better for you, and you can get started right away. The same will go for your kid, and it will even improve his concentration power and his brain for the studying.

3.     Build a Tree House With Your Child
Credit: Arttogallery.com
Building and constructing different things can help your child grow mentally, as it is like solving puzzles. Help your child build something up, like a tree house. Help him join the pieces together, and mold them up to create what you want to.

Encourage your child to climb trees as well, but under your supervision of course. Don’t let him climb alone, but always be with him whenever he’s doing any such activity. It can help you spend time together as well, bonding perfectly, and you can always spend your free time doing such an activity with your child.

4.     Take Your Dog On a Walk
We all know how children just seem to love pets. They seem to have a special connection with them and enjoy the company of pets. If you have a dog as a pet, taking him out for a walk with your child every evening can help you stay active, as well as have something for an entertainment every day.

If you don’t have a dog, you should get one if your child likes it. However, if you can’t have a dog for some reason, you can always borrow someone else’s dog and take him for a walk whenever you want!

5.     Find Time On The Weekends For Fun Activities
Weekends might seem to be the only time both you and your child are at home, and you have plenty of time to spend with each other. Don’t ever waste this time, and spend it in fun activities. You can take your child out for a picnic or maybe go for a hike.

 There can be fun activities all around if you pay attention, like rock climbing, swimming and so many other things you wish to do.

6.     Fly a Kite
Colorful kites in the sky always seem amazing to the kids, and they love the idea of flying those kites too. It can be a very interesting outdoor game for kid, which he likes as well and keeps both of you active.

 But remain cautious that kites can be dangerous, and never let your child out of sight. Always stay along while he flies the kite, or you can fly the kite while your child watches and enjoys the scene. It can be a fun time you can have together, while still being active.

7.     Go To The Beach!
In the summers, nothing else can compare to a nice trip to the beach. Not only will your child feel better, away from the summer heat, but he will also enjoy his time there. You can run around the beach, make sand castles together.

There are an innumerous amount of activities you can do there, and you’ll never run out of ideas. If you can afford, go on a long vacation to the beach, and your child will surely love it there. It is a healthy, yet fun activity none of your should ever miss out on!

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