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Some Steps to Run On in Writing a Scientific Article

>> Sep 15, 2017

Publishing original data in a scientific article is far from being a simple writing exercise that would essentially depend on your mastery of the style and grammar of the language in which you want to publish it. It is actually a logical process that involves several temporal and intellectual steps that are not always well identified by the students. Practical teaching shows that it is essential to recall these steps all the time.

Step 1 - Plan the Experience

The genesis of a scientific article begins even before the experiment begins. Indeed, you have to ask yourself if this experiment will be publishable and think about how you can write an article from the moment you start to imagine it. In particular, your work must be based on a solid assumption that takes into account the work already published and any other necessary information. Remember also that the validity of your results will depend on the robustness of the experimental design, including in terms of sample size and statistical methods. Finally, do not forget to consider the possibility that the results will refute your hypothesis; this will help you plan the experimental design and facilitate the publication of your work, regardless of the results.

Step 2 - Analyze the results

Before you start writing, it is essential that you know where your results "lead you". Statistical analysis of your data should be as comprehensive as possible, but above all you need to identify the major results in relation to your hypothesis and the literature data in order to interpret them and draw the necessary conclusions. 

This stage is often insufficiently thorough, particularly with regard to the comparison of the results found with those of the literature. It is, however, essential and indispensable to evaluate the originality and scope of your work. It is during this stage that you will generate the arguments that will fuel your discussion and make your writing much easier.

Step 3 - Structure the article

Now you are going to give a logical structure to your article. It is not yet a matter of drafting but rather of recording and ordering all the arguments or elements to be addressed in each part of your article. At this stage, it is much easier to logically order your arguments if they are written in the form of notes than if they are fully developed. For each part of the article, the elements to be taken into consideration differ:

Step 4 - Write

Set yourself as a goal of limited size tasks, for example one or a few paragraphs. For each paragraph, define the theme, which will be your opening sentence, and a conclusion, which will be your last sentence. Then expand the arguments that lead from the first to the last sentence. At this writing stage, write without trying to do it in perfect style. Keep polishing for the next step. Concentrate only on the rules of precision, clarity and conciseness, prioritized in this order.

Step 5 - Polishing Style

It is only after you have produced a first draft of your text or part of it that the style is worth working on. Make sure you have written the text correctly as the reader will read it. Check the fluidity of the reading by making sure the correct articulation between the sentences, either by repeating information already known, or by the use of the words "signposts".

Step 6 – Learn from other’s experience

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By knowing the steps above we hope you can fix any problem you’re facing now. Good luck!

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