Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Get the Right Stroller For The Comfort of Your Baby And the Best Experience in Your Mobility

>> Sep 11, 2017

The hustle of carrying your baby around in your hands is real. Even with the preparedness that we always have of receiving the bundle of joy, the act of carrying it around is not only tiring but inconveniencing at times. That isn’t to say that we won’t move around with our lovely babies, because there is the right solution in a good baby stroller.

Its however prudent to understand that there are different types of baby strollers in the market, because when you go out there to get yours you will probably be spoilt of choice and might end up with the wrong product that won’t serve you as you expected.

Just for a recap, you will find strollers for walking out there, strollers for jogging, 4WD and light weight strollers. That tells you that you need to do a good research and settle on the type of the stroller that you want, before you go shopping for one.

What Guides Your Decision To By A Stroller?
Your baby is the main determinant factor of the stroller you are going to get. Its safety should be the first consideration when selecting a stroller from all the strollers that you will see. Here are some of the many factors that you should consider in your shopping for baby products.

Safety – While you can be fully comfortable when your baby is in your hands, it won’t be the same when you put it in the stroller and push it around. To have a relatively settled mind however, you should go for a stroller that guarantees the safety of your baby. For instance, a harness with a five-point system for strapping your baby perfectly is one of the areas you should check.

That harness should also have comfortable cushions because your baby needs that comfort as you move around. Babies love holding things and so the best strollers for newborns shouldn’t have pinch points where the baby can jam its fingers or any other part of the body.

Its Features–When choosing a stroller on the basis of its features, you ought to take the one with most of the features. They all are vital in the safety and comfort of your baby, and also its enjoying of the rides.

          Seating Position – They come with options where the baby can sit facing forward or facing its parents. Others don’t have the switching option and so the baby will only relax seeing the path ahead.
          Tray – It assists you to feed the baby when you are moving. You will be lucky if the baby has already learnt to feed itself, and if not, you will still have it easy doing the feeding when you stop somewhere.
          Added Accessories – They are like the sun canopy, Storage Basket, Wind Cover, Rain Cover, iPod Holder, Parent Tray, Diaper Changing Section, Speakers, Handle bar that you can extend and many other accessories. You should make a list of the accessories you will need for your comfort, and also to minimize the coz because the more it has the more expensive it will be. 

          Folding System – The system should be simple where you only need one hand to fold it, given that at times you might be alone and you need one hand to hold the baby. Lightweight is also another factor because of the ease of lifting it up and put it in the boot.

Your Comfort Factor
This comes after you have ascertained that your baby will be comfortable and safe in the stroller. You also need enough comfort to push the stroller around.

  •  Check if the grip on the handlebars is comfortable and strong
  • How simple will it be to change the seating position, hood, rain and wind covers?
  • You should also check how simple it will be to maneuver around turns, twists and small spaces
  • The access to brakes is a great consideration too, you don’t want to scream for help on the pavement when you bend to tie your shoe and the stroller carries on with the journey leaving you behind

Strollers have been advanced in that they come as complete sets of travel systems, that is with accompaniments like a bassinet for the comfort of the baby when it falls asleep while on picnic, and a baby car seat.

Test Drive Your Baby Stroller!
With the similarities of strollers from the different manufacturers, you will be spoilt of choice and the easiest way-out from this confusion is to test drive the various strollers you find out there in the stores. Once you are content with the one that feels right for you and your baby, proceed to purchase it and enjoy great timeouts with the baby!

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