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4 Debt Settlement Tips Your Business Needs

>> Oct 21, 2017

Debt settlement often results in you paying the creditor less than what you owe him. While it comes as a great relief to your business, it is something you should handle with great caution or even avoid entirely if possible. Dramatic settling of your debts can affect your credit score and further dent the image your business, one you might have worked hard for several years to build. As such, you need to settle the arrears in a way that does not hurt the integrity of your business. So, how exactly do you achieve this?

Be proactive

When dealing with debts, many business persons are reactive. They only wait until their accounts are charged off before considering the matter before them as critical. Others wait with the hope that the creditors will go away. Well, this might never happen. When you contact your creditors early enough and talk out your situation, many of them might be willing to negotiate a debt settlement arrangement.

Even better, you can have an opportunity to formulate a debt management plan in which you get to pay all the money owed within a given time period. If this works out appropriately, you will be able to salvage your credit score.

Never overlook the consequences

Being forgiven part of the debt comes as a great relief to the borrower. However, analyzing the simple aspects that come with this is necessary. For instance, where a debt of more than $600 is written off, it turns out to be a taxable event. The other risk involved is that of a negative credit report. When you opt for debt settlement, the ensuing credit might list the account as less paid than the amount that was owed. This might complicate issues when seeking financial assistance in future.

Make realistic promises

If the creditor allows you to handle the debt settlement over time, it is important that you set the payment at a manageable level. Do not be swayed by the temptation of wanting to make a quick deal. If you have to negotiate directly with the client, it is important that you only make promises you can keep.You do not want your business to be in a situation where it can only make the first payments then nothing substantial thereafter. When a Business Debt Settlement company is doing that on your behalf however, there are greater chances that they will strike a manageable deal.

Always follow up

Negotiating a debt settlement deal with the creditor may appear like the main task, or maybe the only task. Well, a lot more is involved. If you agree to go the debt settlement way, you need to follow up and ensure it reflects appropriately on your credit report. Some mischievous creditors might fail to report the settlement to the credit bureaus. In such cases, your business account will show up as indefinitely delinquent.

Debt settlement is a path every business ought to tread carefully. Every single decision you make during such a time will have a significant impact on your business in future. The tips above will surely come handy in handling the same.

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