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How to Become Practical Nurse in New York

>> Oct 25, 2017

The job of a nurse requires a lot of hard work and most importantly it requires a lot of patience. When you are a professional nurse, you need to calmly and patiently handle your work so that your professional life can be very smooth. New York LPN makes up 17% of nurses in the city. The employment growth for this particular profession is centered around a figure of 1.15% and will include with its hospital, private practice nursing home positions. You can find a variety of professionals in the city of New York.

The city of New York claims to be or ensures to deliver safe and quality care to patients as well as they also claim to provide the best environment such as safe and accessible environment for the patient’s health care terms and for the well being of the patient so that the patient can recover fast and as soon as possible and return to their respective homes happily. It is very good to know that the state of New York has more 65 LPN Schools in the state which vary from colleges to private nursing schools.
In New York city LPN program is offered at the LPN Schools run by the government as well the private organizations. In New York as soon as you finish with your school you can start making yourself prepared to call yourself an LPN or choose your career as the LPN. The doctors require helping hand so that can carry out their work in a very smooth manner.

To Become LPN in NY: If you want to be LPN worker in the New York, the person must be at least 17 years. The person who is dreaming of becoming a LPN must have at least one GED. It is necessary for the person to match the educational requirements as well as the examination criteria.

Educational requirement: If you want to be LPN, it is essential for you to match the following educational requirements:

Ø  The person must graduate from a nursing program with a minimum of 9 months of duration and the institution must come under the Education Department of New York or
Ø  The person willing to be an LPN must take a minimum 9-month course conducted by the armed forces in the US or
Ø  The individual must successfully pass an accredited general nursing course.

In NY, if you dream of becoming an LPN, then you have to match the educational requirement. The people from the foreign country need to have their education verified from the CGFNS before they apply for the licensing examination.

Cost incurred: If you want to sit for the examination you will need to get registered from Pearson VUE and must pay $200 as registration fee. After this process you will have to submit your application and a fee of $143 for the license. It becomes very important that you verify your education from the authority. The fee required for the limited permit is $35. You should never send cash. You must make your personal check or money order that is payable to the Education Department of New York. You can mail your application fee.

General Requirements to Become An LPN: If you want to prove that you are eligible for this job it is very important to be licensed and registered as LPN in the state of New York. If you want to be licensed and registered you must meet the following criteria:

Ø  You  have to have a good moral character
Ø  Your age must be 17 not less than that.
Ø  You must meet the above educational requirements.
Ø  You must meet the examination requirements.
Ø  If you have applied for the LPN license with NYSED.

You can also apply for the license and limited permit application form from online through a web site. After filling all the application form you must you must send all the required and necessary form to the address specified on each form.

Moral Character Requirement: If you want to get yourself registered and licensed as an LPN you must prove yourself to be of a good moral character. When you apply for an LPN license you have to go through some questions like:

1.   The first question that you will be asked that if you were found guilty or have pleaded guilty novo contender in any court.
2.   The second question will follow that whether you have any criminal charges pending on you or in the jurisdiction.

If any of these questions come with a yes then you will automatically get yourself disqualified from getting licensed.

Limited Permit: A person who has met all the requirements for licensing can register himself or herself as a professional nurse since a limited permit is authorized to those who have met all the above requirements.

When you are working as a nurse or LPN in NY, you may have to handle a myriad of duties and responsibilities and also work long hours to ensure that all of your patients are well taken care of and your responsibilities are fulfilled in the best way possible. A nurse not only needs to fulfil the duties entitled by the job, but also needs to have a positive and optimistic outlook towards life and work. This will help the individual to eliminate the stress and tension that is a part and parcel of the job and ensure that he/she remains fit for the job, both mentally and physically. Believe it or not, the job of an LPN is not an easy cakewalk and to achieve success in the field, you have to be prepared for the same from the very first day of your training. Only then will you be able to enjoy your job and the perks that come along with it.  

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