Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Alesis Nitro kit electronic drum set has much more than what beginners expect

>> Oct 23, 2017

There is always something on offer for all kinds of drummers when it comes to electronic drum sets. Whether you are a seasoned drummer or a greenhorn just trying to learn the ropes of drumming, you will always find a suitable drum set that serves your purpose.  It is quite normal that beginners would like to buy equipment that is affordable, packed with features and assist the learning process. The Alesis Nitro kit electronic drum set perfectly fits the bill on this account. For beginners on a budget who want to hone the skills and learn quickly on their own, there is hardly anything better than it. User convenience is at the heart of the design of the drum set that has features to make learning easy and fun.


The marks of a beginner’s model

Although it is an entry-level drum set, it comes with a sturdy rack with height adjustment and memory lock features. The kit contains a rich storehouse of 385 sounds and to enable you to drum along with songs; there are sixty songs in the kit.  The sturdy model is easy to set up. Beginners, as well as seasoned drummers, can accomplish in just one hour. A small space of six feet by four feet is all that you need to place the drum set that incidentally is the largest in its category.

Focus on flexibility

By belonging to the family of electronic drum sets, the Nitro kit drum set inherits the flexibility that has made electronic drum sets so popular. The drum set has the capability of managing different types of music genres, and if you have to cater to various gigs in a short time, you can perfectly do it with ease. The ability to adapt different music styles quickly adds to the versatility of drummers that would not have been possible earlier. You can smoothly move from jazz to blues and from hard rock to pop music without having to strain yourself.

Practice quietly

It is only normal that beginners would spend more time practicing. Beating the drums for extended hours can be a matter of concern because of the problems faced by neighbors from the high decibel sound who do not mind to raise their voice against it.  The Nitro drum kit provides a befitting solution to the problem by encouraging drummers to practice without disturbing the neighbors as you can keep the sound within a low level and practice without disturbing others in the vicinity. The feature of practice pad quiet volume cuts off the external sound and allows you hear via headphones.

Suitable for all environments

Beginners would initially get opportunities of playing at small places like clubs, churches and other small stages that requires controlled sound for pleasant hearing. The drums have the feature of emitting enough sound that the audience can enjoy without microphones with the help of performance pads that are almost silent.

Despite being a beginner model, the Nitro kit drum set produces a realistic sound of the quality comparable with the best.

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