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Assisted Living Facilities Are Well Equipped to Meet Special Health and Cultural Needs

>> Oct 19, 2017

If you have some senior member in the family who appears to be fit and fine, but he or she needs some assistance in performing some of the routine activities in daily life, then it is quite natural that you are facing a dilemma.  You are caught between choosing nursing homes and assisted living facilities and really do not know which would be the right choice. Although the type of care that you are looking for would influence the choice, there are some other things to consider. 
Since the member for whom you want to find a new home is capable of independent living and needs some assistance for performing daily personal tasks, the assisted living facility would suit him or her fine.  He or she can live in a one bedroom apartment or studio and would receive any medical assistance as and when required. The best thing about assisted living facilities is that besides giving the opportunity of community living and leading a dignified life, it ensures complete safety and privacy of the inmates. Moreover, it can make special arrangements to accommodate special needs that would be clear as you read this article.

Accommodating diverse cultural needs

The assisted living facilities welcome people from different cultures. Most of these services help people from various cultures that also influence the dietary and other habits of people who speak many different languages. While you will come across communities dominated by Asians on the West Coast, do not be surprised to find communities that cater to the specific needs of the Chinese population in the US.  Similarly, you will come across Jewish and Persian communities at many places. Some communities offer multiple dietary options to accommodate people from different cultures, and there is provision for giving place to LGBT communities and golf communities too.

Caring for the memory impaired population

Although assisted living means living with many others just as you would do in any community, there is room for individualized care that can go to the extent of making some special arrangements for those who are infirm and less able. Taking into consideration that more than 5.4 million people in the US have dementia and Alzheimer's disease who need special care and treatment, some assisted care facilities have created newly expanded memory care in Columbus, WI besides the existing facility for assistance to those who suffer from memory-related problems. This facility is in addition to the skilled nursing care offered with support from health agencies.

Special care for couples

If one of your parents needs some extra care and assistance, explain your need to the service coordinator who can make special arrangements for double occupancy to allow them to stay together. Although the arrangement is costly, it will give you some breathing time to look carefully into their individual and shared needs so that you can work out some alternative health care plan that is more affordable.

Assisted living facilities are the most affordable way of taking proper care of senior citizens who want to enjoy a home away from home.

Author bio: Christopher Douglas is a home care specialist and is the brain behind the project related to the newly expanded memory care in Columbus, WI that will become operational very soon. Having served the healthcare sector for more than two decades, he provides valuable insight into assisted living today. He takes particular interest in environmental issues.

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