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House Alarm Systems Can Be Lifesavers for Any Family

>> Oct 17, 2017

The common belief on home alarm systems is that they can be quite expensive to purchase, install and maintain. However, if you value your family more than anything else, then you would consider one as a valuable investment. Home security systems have saved the lives of numerous families during unexpected instances. Just take a look at some of the ways this technology can protect your family.

Protection from Intruders


Of course, the main reason why home alarm systems should be installed is that they offer protection against intruders. It is a well-known fact that homes without security systems are more likely to become a target for burglaries. This also means that in most scenarios, the mere presence of an alarm system can protect your family during a break-in attempt. 

There are some cases wherein the homeowners would wake up and see the burglar in action. This might shock the intruder and cause them to panic and be aggressive. Having an alarm system installed will give your family enough warning to move to a safer location while the monitoring service contacts the authorities.

Protection from Fires


Most of us only think of burglary protection when we hear the term ‘home security systems.’ However, this technology protects families from other life-threatening scenarios. For many, smoke alarms are enough to alert them in the event of a fire. However, having a comprehensive security system offers a better protection in this emergency.

If you install a monitored home alarm system, your family will be notified of the presence of smoke in your house. Aside from that, you would also be informed where the source of heat is so you will know which areas to avoid and plan an efficient escape. It is true that you can purchase heat detectors without the home alarm system. However, it would be an added protection if a third-party monitoring service can help you call for help.

In worst scenarios, it would take less than a minute for a small flame to become a huge fire. In a matter of minutes, your home can be engulfed in thick, black smoke, making it difficult, if not impossible, for your family to breathe. With a monitored alarm system, someone can alert you even while you are deeply sleeping, giving you enough time to escape from your house. In scenarios like this, you would not waste any second inside your home, calling the fire department. Your security company would call them while you’re escaping to a safer place.

Protection from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Carbon monoxide is the gas found in combustion fumes released by burning wood, stoves, heating systems, charcoal and gas ranges, among others. It can be build up indoors and poison people who breathe it in. The frightening thing about this gas is it is tasteless, colourless and odourless. This means that it cannot be detected by the human senses.

The red blood cells pick up carbon monoxide faster than oxygen. As carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in the blood system, tissues and organs are deprived of necessary oxygen. People awake are blindsided by carbon monoxide poisoning and they would have flu-like symptoms until they pass out. Some of the symptoms include chest pain, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and confusion. If worse comes to worst, carbon monoxide may cause death. Drunk or sleeping people can die from it even before they feel the symptoms.

Thankfully, there are detectors that can discover if there are carbon monoxide leaks in your home. They look like smoke detectors and you can buy them alone or as a part of a comprehensive home alarm system. Just like the monitored smoke detector, having a carbon monoxide detector connected to a home security gives you the added help you need during an emergency. The third-party monitoring service can also dispatch paramedics to treat symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Assistance During Medical Emergencies


Homeowners with medical conditions can also find home alarm systems as something that can save their life. There are security companies that provide emergency pulls or medical alert pendants. With this device, the individual can pull a cord or press a button and have paramedics dispatched to their home in the event of a medical emergency. This security feature is typically requested by people who live with their elderly parents, sickly family members or individuals with special needs.

For the elderly, accidents can significantly be detrimental if they do not immediately get the assistance they need. If they fall, they would not be able to move and get to the phone. However, with the emergency pendant or pull, they can alert the authorities to send help right away. While this may not be a standard feature on home alarm systems, it can be added for a fee. 

Other Security Benefits of an Alarm System

  •  Aside from protecting your family and your possessions, security systems also protect your pets. It is common for us to leave our pets at home when we go to work. Without a monitored home security system, your pet would be doomed during a fire.
  •  Alarm systems also allow homeowners to secure areas in their home that are less frequented, including the garage and the basement.
  • You don’t have to completely rely on your neighbours to watch over your home while you’re away.
  • There are wireless alarm systems which are easier to install and maintain, as compared to wired systems.
  • There are security systems which can be equipped with security cameras. These can be remotely controlled so you can still monitor your home while you’re away.
  • You can also opt for an outdoor security camera so you can see who is at the gate or front door. This is also useful for parents who have to leave their children at home for work.

During burglaries, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, the first few minutes are very crucial in determining your safety. Home security systems allow you to effectively respond to these unexpected situations. Indeed, having one can save your life.

Author Bio:
Bianca Bicheno is a writer and online marketing specialist. Bianca also writes articles for different websites during her spare time for extra income. She also worked as an online video editor before she started her writing career.

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