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Learn About The Self Cleaning Pool System And Its Benefits

>> Oct 27, 2017

A swimming pool at home is a dream of many people. The people that realize this dream worry about the ongoing cleaning and the costs associated with cleaning to keep the swimming pool hygienic and healthy. The self cleaning pools are an alternative that may settle most of these worries and keep your swimming pool pristine and healthy.

The in-floor cleaning and circulation system

The self cleaning system or the in-floor cleaning and circulation system are responsible for effectively circulating the water in your pool. It distributes the chemicals properly throughout the pool and reduces the consumption of pool chemicals by the swimming pool. It also provides an effective means of connecting energy efficient pumps to the pool thereby reducing the overall swimming pool maintenance costs.

How does the self cleaning system work?

The in-floor cleaning and circulation system or the self cleaning system consists of a skimmer box. The skimmer box is installed at the top of the pool and it's the only water outlet of the swimming pool. The system takes the water from the top of the pool through a pump then the water moves through a filter and then a sanitizer. The water that exits from sanitizer returns to the opposite end of the swimming pool. All the water moves through two return pipelines.

The water pressure from the pumps is used through jets and nozzles to push the pool dirt and debris to the deep end of the pool where it's drawn to the debris removal drain that is typically raised and is designed to accept debris of a certain size. The entire pool is divided into zones to enhance the effectiveness of the system.

The number of zones depends on the size of the pool. Each zone consists of a number of nozzles and jets, depending on the surface area that needs to be cleaned. The zones work alternatively one by one so that the debris collected from a zone is cleared. The process restarts at the end of a cycle. The in-floor cleaning and circulation system make sure that the water of the entire pool gets circulated properly to get a hygienic environment.

Benefits of the self cleaning systems

The various benefits of the self cleaning system of a swimming pool are as follows

  •  A self cleaning system is custom designed according to the pool dimensions to maximize the pool cleaning.
  • A self cleaning system keeps the pool chemical in circulation to provide better distribution of chemicals. This results in a balanced chemistry of pool water leading to a cleaner pool.
  • The uniform temperature maintenance - The system makes sure that the temperature of the pool water from top to bottom is consistent.
  • The in-floor cleaning and circulation system keep the pool surface area up to 99% clean.
  • The in-floor cleaning and circulation system curtail the cleaning related ongoing expenses and the hard work associated with cleaning the pool.

The in-floor cleaning system is a necessity for a clean and healthy swimming pool. Installation of self cleaning system is not only economical in the long term, but it facilitates the pool maintenance and provides protection for swimming pools while curtailing the ongoing pool maintenance expenses.

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