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Teachergive Sale 2023

Step by Step Guide on What to Do After an Accident

>> Oct 12, 2017

Car accidents can raise many questions all at once. The driver is often confused whether they should move the car or call the police at that time. They are not sure when to make the claim. Here are some important steps that will guide you to make a well-informed decision.

If you have met with an accident, consider the following steps:

  • First thing you have to do is check whether you have any bodily injuries
  • Make sure that other passengers are safe
  • Call 911 and ask for assistance at the earliest
  • Wait for help at the incident scene
  • Exchange as much information as possible with the witnesses
  • Make sure that you document the accident
  • Do not forget to notify your insurer

If you are seriously injured, make sure that you do not move and wait for emergency personnel. If you are not that hurt, check for the safety of fellow passengers. If any of them is injured, take help from emergency services or ask a bystander for help.

Till you are at the accident scene, you have to use the road flares and turn on the hazard lights in order to warn other vehicles to slow down. Once you have ensured everyone’s safety, try to exchange information with the other driver.

You would require the following details:

  • Name and the contact information of opposite party
  • Their insurance company and the policy number, if any
  • Driver’s license along with the license plate number
  • The colour, type and model of the vehicle
  • Location where accident happened

The experts suggest documenting the accident. Once the police have arrived at the spot, you must note down the name along with badge number of officers. Ask officers for a copy to the accident report. Take photographs from different angles that clearly show damage to both cars. If other party does not have any objection, get a photograph of their car’s license plate.

Note down the names and addresses of other parties involved in this accident. Besides this, note down the names of witnesses as well.

Here are some mistakes you must avoid to ensure that you receive claim on time. You must have a licensed attorney. Many lawyers advertise a lot but may not be legally allowed to practice in the state. In such situation, you must turn your case to another qualified lawyer.

You must be very careful when the defendant’s risk management person gives you a call. They will try to get your version of accident. They might ask for a recorded or a written statement from your end. They may try to distract by saying they can help you better If they have complete information. Ideally, this information would be used to attack the claims from your end. You could talk to your lawyer before having such conversation with the opposite party. There are many good attorneys to choose from and Khan law firm is one of them.  

If they ask how you are feeling and you do not list down every body part that hurts, you might get into trouble at the time of the hearing. 

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