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Teachergive Sale 2023

Securing the Income You Need from the Federal Government

>> Oct 10, 2017

People who work pay taxes into the Social Security disability system. That percentage of taxes that each person pays determines how much money they are entitled to if or when they need to apply for these types of benefits.

Even though you may have paid into the system for years, you may find that your claim is denied by the governmental court.  When you hire a lawyer who specializes in litigation, family law, or Social Security disability Oregon applicants like you may succeed in winning your Social Security payments and any settlement to which you are entitled.
Shortening the Process

People who apply for disability often have to spend months or years fighting for these benefits.  It is not uncommon for applicants to be turned down and told they can find a job and work even if they are completely paralyzed, blind, or deaf. 

The judge and occupational specialists in your local system are almost obligated to hand down such decisions routinely on cases like yours to deter fraud and theft from the system.  It is true that some people try to take advantage of the benefits so they can get out of finding a job and supporting themselves.

However, the decision is not fair when you are legitimately disabled and cannot work outside of your home because of a debilitating injury or illness.  Your best approach to winning your case may revolve around hiring an attorney who can gather the evidence to bolster your claim and argue for you in court.

A lawyer can also be your best advocate to shorten the process and win you the benefits that you paid into and to which you are legally entitled.  You may not have to spend months or years applying and waiting for the judge to finally realize that you cannot work and support yourself.

You can find out more about retaining a lawyer, what it will cost you, and whether the fees can be taken out of your settlement that you win.  You can then set up an initial consultation with the attorney to start the application process and determine what amount of benefits you may be entitled to each month.
You may want to work and support yourself but cannot because of a disability.  You can pursue your rightful Social Security benefits by using legal resources like an attorney today.

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