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Teachergive Sale 2023

Evaluating and Understanding the MacBook Pro with and without Touch Bar

>> Oct 31, 2017

Apple 13 inch MacBook Pros are a craze and many people are checking out the stores to buy them. Users have reported better online surfing, user experience and privacy over Windows PC. Now, when it comes to purchasing the MacBook Pro should you opt for the Touch Bar and Touch ID or should you buy a device that does not have them?

What should you buy?

Experts suggest that the choice of getting the Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with or without the Touch Bar and the Touch ID is a personal choice. Now, if you take a look at the 13 inches MacBook Pro 2016 model, you will find that it comes in both the versions- with and without the Touch Bar and Touch ID. Apple has been targeting customers with the Non-Touch Bar option to customers that are keen to buy the high-resolution Retina display MacBook for a very long time now. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID is targeted to those users that have experience in using MacBook Pros sans these features. In short, if you wish to go in for the exclusive Retina display than you should buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro sans the Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor. On the other hand, if you are looking for an upgrade to your MacBook Pro, it is prudent for you to opt for the MacBook Pro 13 inch touch bar model and enjoy your new upgrade!

Similarities between both

When it comes to the similarities between both models, you will find that they have the same Force Touch Trackpad and the wide Retina Display. They have SSD storage till 1TB, and they are both available in the colors of gray and silver. However, there are some minute differences that you will find in both these models, and they pertain to the CPU of the computer. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has a 2.0GHz processor that is an Intel Core i5 one. You have the option to upgrade to a 2.4GHz processor with Intel Core i7 processor. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar gives you a 2.9GHz or a 3.1GHz processor that is an Intel Core i5 or a 3.3GHz processor with dual-core Intel Core i7 option. If you are looking for fast performing ports, it is crucial to opt for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with TouchPad and Touch ID. There are other subtle differences in both, and your choice of buying the specific model would depend on your needs and the tasks you would be doing on the MacBook.

Therefore, if you want an upgrade, it is prudent for you to opt for an Apple MacBook Pro that has a TouchPad and Touch ID. However, if you are switching from a Windows PC to a MacBook Pro, it is always prudent to first buy a model that does not have the Touch Bar and Touch ID so that you can seamlessly get used to your new MacBook Pro without too much of hassles, experts suggest!

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