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Dishes that Go Well with Alcohol

>> Oct 24, 2017

In countries like the Philippines, liquor is something that will never go out of style. Its taste and variety in numerous aspects are always more than enough to entice anyone of legal age to take a sip and just enjoy the moment. In fact, alcohol is also best enjoyed with some of the best-tasting dishes the world of cuisine has to offer. All it takes is having the know-how on which dish goes well with which type of alcohol.

If you’re the type to enjoy things with a kick on the side, then look no further! With that said, here are some dishes that go really well with any drink-of-choice:

Sisig and Beer

When it comes to handling Philippine liquor, there’s always the notion of pairing your beer with something just as savory, which in this case is none other than this sizzling delicacy. Sisig is one of the most popular choices for pulutan. There’s just something about this dish that makes it a marvelous sight on your drinking table, aside from the sweet sound of the sizzling plate this dish is served upon.

Also, when it comes to beer, one of the great things about it is that every dish, sisig included, with a little bit of salt in it can take the drink to new heights.

Steak and Whiskey

Whether you like it medium-rare or well-done, you can never go wrong with steak, especially with a little glass of whiskey. The tenderness and strong flavor the steak contains in every bite can certainly match the intensity of the whiskey. In fact, not only can they be enjoyed separately, but they can also be enjoyed together as whiskey can make a great agent of flavor infusion should you really want to give your steak a kick.

Pasta and Wine

Pasta is one of those dishes that really offer variety to lovers of the dish. It also involves an intricate preparation method, as well as a great taste and guaranteed satisfaction with every bite. So, why not enjoy this dish with the occasional glass of wine?

Of course, with just as much variety in wine as there is for pasta, each pairing you choose to go with all depends on what flavor goes well with what kind of wine. In many pasta dishes, there are usually two kinds of it: tomato-based or cream-based. With the former, the best wine you can pair with is red; while for the latter, white wine is the best way to go. To put it simply, it all boils down to the notion of these two things complementing one another.

Desserts and Champagne
Who doesn’t love sugar? After all, the sweetness of dessert is the kind that everyone looks forward to at the end of every meal. Add some champagne into the mix, and you’d be amazed on how much this fizzy little beverage can complement the sweetest of treats.

Key Takeaway

Liquor in the Philippines is definitely best enjoyed with some of these dishes. So, the next time you’re looking for brand new ideas to turn up your drinking sessions, why not give these a try?

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