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Teachergive Sale 2023

What to Do in New York

>> Oct 7, 2017

Is there any city on earth that has the jazz, pizzazz, noise and excitement of New York City? Sure, LA has its cinematic scene and the laid-back glamour of Hollywood with all its glittery sheen, but New York has an edge and a feeling of excitement that just can’t be found anywhere else. It can be felt by people walking the busy hubs of the city, from Times Square to Soho to Broadway and then down to Tribeca. It’s no wonder people flock to this amazing place year after year, to take in the Broadway shows, the art museums, the galleries, the parks and the live entertainment.

Broadway is Still Broadway

The Broadway show scene in New York, off of Times Square, is till a major hub for fabulous entertainment. This year the incomparable Bette Midler lit up the great white way with her own rendition of Dolly Levi from the musical classic, “Hello Dolly!” Other major shows are running on Broadway too, and the excitement of this theatrical area never seems to stop.
ny cabaret

Beyond the great work being done on Broadway, New York also offers many other forms of exciting entertainment. The downtown theater scene continues to thrive with experimental shows on smaller stages. The Public Theater downtown is always a great place to see shows of quality and significance, as this theater offers new pieces as well as thoughtful, experimental versions of Shakespearian classics.

The musical cabaret scene in New York is another entertainment option not to be missed. Great cabaret is a one of a kind type of entertainment, as singers and comedic or dramatic performers present shows that combine songs with their own unique perceptions on the theatrical life. These shows also offer a way to see a great performer (like Andrea Marcovicci, for example) in a smaller setting. The intimacy of these shows is incredibly compelling. These shows are also often set in places that offer food and wine along with the show, so this makes for a truly memorable evening out.

There’s no doubt New York remains a great place to visit, with more attractions than a person can possibly see in just one visit. So why not book a flight out now, and stay a while?

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