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5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Security Alarm System

>> May 16, 2019

The increasingly growing number of burglaries call for homeowners to install updated security alarm systems. As technology advances, so does the security systems. An updated security system will maximize security while allowing you to monitor the situation at home and business premises remotely. You may opt to install a system or replace a particular piece of equipment to ensure that you have the best system for protecting your family and home from hazards. The following signs call for you to upgrade your security alarm system;
1.   Your System Is Hard-Wired

A traditional system transmits signals and power through multiple cables. Consequently, it takes much time to troubleshoot a hardwired security alarm system. Moreover, burglars have found a way of cutting the wires, thus, deactivating your system and compromising your home’s security. Hence, eliminate the hassles of traditional systems and acquire a new wireless alarm option for your home.

2.   Only On-Site Monitoring Is Available

If you still rely on your neighbors to contact authorities during emergencies when you are not around, it’s high time to upgrade your security alarm system. Consequently, install a system with remote monitoring features. The security arrangement connects to an off-site control hub and assures maximum protection throughout the day. A central station-monitored system sends an alert notification to you and a monitoring team. Subsequently, the team alerts an emergency authority upon the confirmation of the threat.

3.   Lack of Software Update

Conventionally, any security system has to undergo a software update as often as possible. A software update solves security bugs and keeps your security system updated with the appropriate features. If your system does not support software update, it’s high time to replace it with a modern alternative. Besides, do away with a system that requires you to update its software manually. Manual updates have proven to be expensive and troublesome. 

4.   The System Is Over Ten Years Old

It’s important to note that a security alarm system is not a lifetime investment. Just like replacing a home appliance after prolonged use, you need to upgrade your system if it’s more than ten years old. Technological devices are becoming outdated at an overly fast rate. Using an outdated alarm system makes your property vulnerable to hazards. If your alarm company has not reached out to you to upgrade your old system, it’s high time to search for a diligent company that will provide you with the current security system.

5.   It Uses One Keypad

If your security alarm system is controlled from one keypad only, consider installing more panels. While it may be may seem convenient to control your system from one point, it’s also possible for a burglar or intruder to disable it from the same control point. Therefore, consider installing several keypads at different spots in your home. This way, your system cannot be deactivated by interfering with one keypad. Moreover, several panels save you from going upstairs or downstairs frequently to disarm or arm your security alarm system from one keypad.


Installing a security alarm system at your home or business premise will offer protection against theft, intrusions, and fire among other threats. Most importantly, utilize an updated system. The signs mentioned above are critical indicators of the need to upgrade your security alarm system.

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