Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Make Your Home Summer Ready

>> May 22, 2019

Summer is not just about the heat. Sultry summer days take on our nerves too. Scorching summer heat is it’s also the time when our electricity bills often spiral out of control yet the dreary days never cease to annoy us. So we are here to give you some crazy ideas to get your home summer ready. Beat the heat and add some fresh lease of life to your interiors with these quick tips.

De-clutter to Make Your Home Summer Ready

Clutter is the most visible problem in any home. It creates space crunch and a lot of times, prevent air to pass on. Clutter will always absorb heat and due to space crunch, heat will be retained. So, the first step is to lighten your home by removing away unwanted items. Piles of old newspapers and magazines, too many pieces of furniture, tons of curios can keep your home excessively cluttered. To keep up the summer vibe on in our 4 BHK apartment in Bhowanipore, stash away the heavy pieces as early as possible.

Pick Lighter Fabrics for Your Draperies and Upholstery

Heavy rugs and carpets can absorb heat thus increasing the mercury level inside your room. So is true for synthetic and satin upholstery. Allow your silk and satin draperies a short break and switch to natural fibres like cotton or jute. For a rustic touch, replace the carpets with durries as well as cotton curtains. Khus Khus mats are great for an extra cooling effect.

Pastels Are the Summer Palette

One of the best ways to notch up the summer vibe is to bring in the summer hues into your home. Paint your home with summery hues like the shades of green and blue, lilac, ivory, olive, etc. You can also go for the textured paint as well. To match with the wall, go with bright prints in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, jute, etc. for bed, sofa and curtain. Make sure that whatever you choose should be appropriate for these dull & humid summers.

Make Sure Your Appliances Are Summer-Ready

A close check up on your air-conditioner, inverter and voltage stabiliser is necessary even before you start using them on a regular basis. Also, ask the experts for providing you maintenance services for your air conditioners during the summertime.

Add Some Greens to Your Living Space

There’s nothing like green makeover to your living space, especially in the summers. Indoor gardening can give you a fresh breath of air and keep your interiors cool and breezy. You can also opt for container gardening right inside your living room and balcony to bring in a summery vibe.

 Last year when we shift at our premium apartment in Bhowanipore, it was a scorching summer. And, we implemented all these ideas to notch up a perfect summery vibe in our place.

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