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All You Need to Know Before Visiting Nissan Service Centre

>> May 11, 2019

Your Nissan vehicle is one of your most important assets, and it is quite understandable that you would put in a lot of time and energy into maintaining your vehicle. No doubt, it is quite important to regularly maintain and service your Nissan, not because of aesthetic reasons but also because the safety of the car, the driver and those in and around the vehicle is very important. There are a few essential things that you need to know before visiting a Nissan service centre, which can help you keep your vehicle in its best condition.
What Do You Need To Know Before Visiting A Nissan Service Centre?

·         When You Should Visit A Service Centre
You might think that the only time you truly need to visit a service centre is when something is going wrong with your vehicle. However, this is simply not true. You need to visit a Nissan service centre regularly in order to maintain and service your car, ensuring that it delivers optimal performance and that there is nothing going wrong under the hood. Ideally, you should visit a service centre to get your engine oil and filters changed every 3750 miles. This will ensure that your car enjoys maximum fuel economy as well as optimal performance. It is also important to rotate your tires, every 6000 miles.
Every 15000 miles is when you should typically be getting the engine air filters and cabin air filters changed. You should also get the brake fluids flushed during this time. The transmission flush and coolant flush should be checked and replaced every 30000 miles, and finally, a complete fuel injection system service should be done every 3000 miles. If you are aware of these numbers, then you will know exactly when it is the right time to visit your service centre next to get your car serviced.

·         Visit Only An Authorized Nissan Service Centre
It is true that you will find several service centres, which will perform regular servicing, maintenance and repairs on your car for a low price. However, more often than not, the technicians working at these service centres are not specifically trained or skilled to deal with the car parts of your Nissan vehicle. It is possible that the technician might even cause damage to your vehicle during servicing, which would then end up costing quite a lot of money to repair. 

This is why it is a good idea to visit an authorized Nissan service centre for the servicing of your car. The technicians working at the authorized service centre have been trained and are experienced in handling this particular brand of cars. They will be able to diagnose as well as fix the issues with your car in a much more professional manner, thus saving you time as well as money.
·         Check Your Air Conditioning

It is important to get your air conditioning checked every time you visit a service centre. Every car owner knows how important it is to have a good, working air conditioning system in their car, especially during the summer months. A good technician will be able to check for leaks or if your car is losing the refrigerant. They can then properly seal the leak and ensure that your air conditioning system is working optimally in your car.

It is extremely important to opt for regular servicing when it comes to your Nissan. Visit an authorized Nissan service centre and get your car serviced as and when it is required. The expert technicians at the service centre will be able to guide you on how you can properly maintain your car and when you need to visit next for servicing.

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