Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Choosing a New Adjustable Standing Desk

>> May 15, 2019

Many are choosing to reinvent the office experience with a standing desk. An adjustable model of these popular products offer dynamic positions for each and every user. A leading ecommerce retailer for standing desks, Autonomous offers great options for every need. Look at these three dynamic options to help in choosing an option for adjustable standing desks for the home and office.

SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition
Perfect for the home office or a casual place to get things done around the house, the SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition is a great, stylish way to enjoy standing desk technology for a great price. The desk is adjustable and fully electric, meaning no messing with handles or levers to change the height. If users feel like sitting in the morning, but standing in the afternoon, four programmable channels on the interface allow for saving perfect positions. That allows less time for messing with heights and more time getting bills paid or letters written. In great colors, the SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition brightens up traditional and modern looking homes effortlessly.

SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition
Perfect for the modern office, the SmartDesk 2 - Home Edition is crucial to a technological powerhouse for working professionals. With a holding capacity of up to 300lbs, everything from dual monitors to entire computers and office accessories can fit on the SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition. This option is also electronic, and with more power than ever before, things move up and down with total control and safety for precious and expensive hardware. Circulation and focus are crucial to a workplace, and sit and stand options throughout the day are easy and fast to take advantage of with the SmartDesk 2 - Business Edition.

SmartDesk DIY Kit
The SmartDesk DIY Kit is a great way to reap the rewards of an Autonomous standing desk while being creative while doing so! The SmartDesk DIY Kit allows for users to either repurpose an old desktop or make a new one, leaving total creative control up to the user. If someone has an artistic bone in the body waiting to express itself, the SmartDesk DIY Kit is perfect to allow for artistic influence and a standing desk experience to coexist.

Standing desks from Autonomous are the best way to experience the most effective way of working at a desk in the world. Click here to see the full range of standing desks from Autonomous.

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