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Various Types of Personal Injury Claims

>> May 9, 2019

If you haven’t come across some personal injury, you are really fortunate. But everyone experiences some sort of accident or incident in their lifetime. Such cases do not just bring physical damage, but also includes emotional as well as financial loss. If your injury occurred due to the negligent or carelessness of the other person, you can ask for the recovery claim. Here are a few major types of personal injury claims that you can file a lawsuit for.

     Auto Accident Claims: One of the most common types of personal injury claims deal with different types of auto accidents. This can include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or even public transport accidents. If you are injured due to any of the above causes, you should consider visiting auto accident lawyers in Louisville or wherever the accident occurred. Although, in the case of commercial accidents, such as those involving trucks or other commercial vehicles, the process of making personal claims is much more complex. It’s better to consult a specialized commercial or truck accident attorney to help you recover the compensation.
     Slip And Fall Injuries: Another common type of personal injury cases include those concerned with slip and fall injuries. It is the legal duty of the property owner or those who are renting the property to keep their premises safe and free from any obvious threat. You are obligated to assure the safety of the people within your property. These types of claims are judged as per the premises liability laws, which may vary depending on the place of injury. Also, the situations at the time of injury play a major role as well, for instance, if it was raining heavily and it lead to the fall and injury, the claims made may be treated differently.
     Medical Malpractice: The last thing you want is suffering from incompetent medical care. You can claim for medical malpractice when your doctor or health care practitioner fails to offer reasonably skilled care, due to which a patient is injured further. These are one of the most complex cases as you cannot blame your doctor for your condition just like that. It’s better to consider some skilled personal injury attorney to help you out.
     Defamation In The Form Of Libel And Slander: The defamation law makes it clear that if someone made an untrue statement that caused loss to your reputation, thus leading to financial losses, is unacceptable. The compensation amount and the decision may vary depending on the place where the demeaning comment was made and to what extent it affected your stature. In such cases, your position and status matter a lot. If you a celebrity, you need to prove several things before you can claim for the compensation.
     Animal Attacks Including Dog Bites: If you were injured due to some animal attack such as dog bites, the owner of the pet is responsible to compensate the financial expenses concerning the treatment of the injuries caused. Depending on the state where you live, these laws may vary. Some states even have the exception of “one bite” which that allows the owner to be free from any obligations to pay as they were unaware of the aggressive behavior of their pet.
     Injuries Caused Due To Defective Products: It is often reported that injuries occurred due to some fault in product manufacturing. Depending on the factors involved, you can claim for your losses against the manufacturing company or the service provider.
     Intentional Torts Such As Assault: Unlike other personal injury claims, this one involves criminal factor as well. If you were attacked by someone intentionally, you will surely file a criminal case, but to get the compensation against the losses due to the injuries causes, you can press a personal injury lawsuit as well. As there are added complexities, it’s better to consult with your personal injury attorney to plan your case in a better way.
     Wrongful Death: If your family member or relative died due to some wrongful reasons, you are eligible to make the claims on behalf of the deceased. The facts inherent to the case decide how the compensation will be awarded. Generally, family members like decedent's living spouse, children or domestic partner, are eligible to get compensation against any physical, emotional or financial damage incurred as a result of their loved one’s wrongful death.

If you or your acquaintances are a victim of an accident that can be claimed under personal injury law, seek immediate help from some reputed personal injury attorneys and file a lawsuit before it’s too late.

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