Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Enliven Your Living Space with Simple Light Upgrades

>> May 7, 2019

It’s frustrating when you are smitten by the remodelling bugs and you don’t have the budget for it. Luckily, you can use some easy and effortless upgrades to lend your home a refreshing vibe. Believe it or not, a smart makeover using lights can work wonder. It won’t cost you a fortune but can make a visible difference to your living arena. Updating the lighting arrangement can perk up the look and feel of your home almost instantly.

Apt use of Dimmers    

Dimmers are nowadays making quite a rage as a home decor material. The soft and subdued illumination of the dimming bulbs creates a pensive atmosphere that beckons you to recoil & unwind after a hectic day. The new age LED dimmable lights can be effortlessly customized without much manual intervention. Dimmers are often installed with other lighting arrangements to notch up an optimum balance.

Dimming bulbs promote energy savings as well. On average, a dimming bulb offers 25000 burning hours. It basically saves 80% of energy consumption while transforming the visual appearance of your room. Apt use of the dimmers uplifts your mood.

Illuminating Under the Cabinet

If you are looking for a quirky setting with simple lighting arrangement, opt for under cabinet lighting. The setting works wonder. LED strips are being extensively used for Indoor LED lighting. This way you can use these LED strips to create an ambiance of the task and accent lighting without needing additional fixtures. You’ll be surprised to see how the new lighting arrangement has changed the look and feel of your living space. Under cabinet lighting with LED strips look fantastic in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Sidelights for a Lightwash Effect

Sidelights are the perfect upgrade for any room. These are mounted in the wall in such a manner that the light is projected downward to illuminate a wide area. It is so reflected that the illumination creates a light wash effect on the floor and further spreads into the rest of the room. If your interior decoration planning is solely based on lighting arrangements, you can always go a little experimental with the placement of sidelights. You can:

    Install it sideways in a ceiling giving the effect of a “wall washer."
    Mount it in the wall but in an upward direction. It creates an ambient lighting effect

A perfectly done lighting arrangement can magically transform your living space. Even if you do not invest in the plush furnishing and antique artifacts, redo your living space with optimum light arrangement. You will be surprised to see that it’s adding an instant glow to your living space.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to give your creative extravaganza a light touch?

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