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Are You Ready for Another Baby?

>> May 13, 2019

The period between the births of your children should be your own decision. If you have one already, you’ve probably been asked about the next one. However, even if you get these questions, only you and your spouse should decide when the right time to be ready for another baby is. But, parents are often not sure if they want it or when. There are different opinions on the age difference between siblings, which often confuses young parents and make them feel pressured. Here are some of the main things you should check to see if you are ready for a new addition to the family.
two boys in costumes
Having more than one kid is great but are you ready for another baby?

Some useful info on the age difference between siblings

There is a research that has shown some information about different gaps between the first and the second born baby:
·         the smallest gap, being pregnant less than six months after giving birth, carries a certain risk of the baby being premature. The pregnancies that happen up to 17 months after the first baby was born carry smaller amount of risk.
·         a bit longer gap, up to 24 months seems the healthiest for the baby;
·         even longer gap, longer than 5 years, carries the same risks as when the baby is conceived just after a couple of months – the baby can be premature and underweight.

Of course, this information is based on research and doesn’t make a strict rule. Again, the gap is right when parents decide that they are ready for another baby.

Common challenges when another baby comes

Having a child is beautiful yet not that easy. It doesn’t get easier with the second one, either. Some common issues may happen, but you need to act wisely and do everything you can to solve them. Here are some of them:
·         Jealousy – the most common issue when another baby comes is that your first born becomes jealous. First kids can become mad and start crying for no reason. One way to solve this is to start preparing your first born way before the second baby comes. Tell them stories;let them imagine the baby’s looks, etc. Teach your kid how to love the baby even before it comes to your home. The best time to start – when your child asks you “What’s in your stomach, Mom?”
·         sleepless nights – you may be lucky to have kids sleep through the night. However, the first couple of months can be rough with night feedings and the first child waking up. Be sure to get some help, if possible. This way you can focus on the kids and leave the house chores to somebody else.
·         multitasking affect mom’s attention – having to take care of two babies may result in mom’s attention deficit. This may be problematic at first, but later on, it can come out great, as your kids will start taking care of themselves, and stop needing their mom all the time.
·         less time to bond with the baby – when you had your first baby, you focused on bonding and long feedings. This time, it is a bit difficult to do it, because you need to pay attention to both kids almost all the time. The solution – get someone to be with the older child, so you can have some time to keep the baby comfortable and get to know each other.
a toddler kissing a baby
First-borns are often great bigger brother/sister, but sometimes they are not ready for another baby in the house

Mom’s age

Many moms feel pressured to have another baby because of their age. It’s true that age can affect the possibility to get pregnant, but it’s not the strict rule again. The truth is, if you are 20-something years old, you can be relaxed and prolong it a bit more.

Disagreement between spouses

A common issue about pregnancies is parents disagreeing whether or not they are ready for another baby. If you are both in the same place about this – it’s amazing. However, if you don’t share the same opinion, and one of you doesn’t want to do it just yet, it’s time to talk about it. Talk about the reasons for not being ready for another baby, or even possible fears and issues. Don’t force finding a solution right away, but talk and try to understand each other.

The finances

Another question parents ask when they are wondering whether they are ready for another baby is about finances. Once you think about all the things you need to buy when having a baby, you may start worrying.  Since moms find it difficult to work when another baby comes, the budget may look like a problem. So if you think both parents need to have full-time jobs, consider hiring a nanny, or think about childcare services.
two people holding a piggy bank
Parents often think that finances also decide if you are ready for another baby

Is your house ready for another baby or you need to move?

A growing family is one of the common reasons why people choose to move. If you don’t have enough space, consider moving into a larger home, so your kids can be comfortable. Be sure to read everything you need to know about housing in New York and find the perfect location for you and your babies. Also, be sure to move before the second baby comes, so you can welcome the baby into the new home and take care of it without stress.

Will move cost a lot?

It doesn’t have to. If you plan everything in advance, you will have a clear idea of your moving costs and you can see where you can save. Just be sure to calculate your moving expenses in advance, so you can prepare the moving budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Baby equipment means less space in our home

Having a baby means all the baby equipment will take over the most rooms in the houses – crib, feeding chair, baby closet, toys, etc. Very often, parents need to rearrange their furniture and remove some of the currently unnecessary items. However, you shouldn’t worry about losing some of your favorite things. You don’t need to sell or give them away – you can always find affordable storage units in NY. This way, you can keep your items safe until your baby grows a bit, and makes some room to bring your favorites back.

a man holding a toddler
Your kids deserve the best home, so be sure to find the perfect one before the new baby comes


As you can see, the answer to the famous question “Are you ready for another baby?” depends on each individual couple. The factors are numerous, but at the end of the day, it’s about how you feel. Also, sometimes baby comes without planning, so they bring you joy without you ever going through all these factors and thinking about it over and over again. Be sure to enjoy being a parent and give your kids the most memorable childhood, regardless of the age difference between them.

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