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Ten Things You Should Do when You Separate

>> May 14, 2019

Besides the emotional trauma that separation brings with it, you are going through a lot of other changes in your life as well. We understand your stress and are here to help you get along with your divorce.

Here are a few things that are recommended by the best family lawyers in the Gold Coast to help you with the separation process.
     Update your banks about your divorce: In case you have joint accounts or redraw facilities, you need to be really careful. It is better to inform your bank about your separation and ask them not to allow any withdrawal without the consent of both of you. And in case any large amount of money has been by your partner, you need to take immediate actions to resolve the issue. You can even ask your bank to change your account to require the signatures of both of you before any type of transaction is performed.
     Keep your documents safe: It is often seen that the spouses might take away with them important documents that may be used against them during the trial or otherwise. Check for you valuable as well as financial documents and keep them in a safe place, where only you have the access.
     Change your important credentials: In the present era of digitalization, your privacy is just a matter of a few compromised passwords. As an act of security, change all your banking related PINs and passwords to ensure no transaction is made without your knowledge. Besides financial credentials, it would be wise to change your social media and email passwords so that your privacy isn’t compromised.
     Safeguard your valuable belongings: From your family jewelries to your valuable certificates, you do not want to lose any of them. Keep all such things to a safe place to make sure no one else puts a hand on them. You never know when the other person can turn evil and you lose your most valuable things.
     Take care of the power of attorney: Be it be your business or any other property related decisions, if your spouse holds power of attorney, it’s time to revoke it for your own good. Most of the Gold Coast Lawyers can help you with such situations. You need to act before it’s too late.
     Adjust your will: When you and your spouse were in good terms, you probably had a considerable amount of shares of you will written in their name. Now that you two are separated, consult your lawyer to help you with your new will as soon as possible.
     Think about the rest of your life: Divorce is not the end of your world. You still have your life to lead on. You do not want to spend the rest of you life-fighting and blaming them. Get over with the separation process in a friendly way and avoid thing from being bitter as this may affect you as well as your children’s lives in a negative way.
     Note down the happenings: In order to help your attorney with your separation and settlement cases, you might need to recount the incidents that led to the course of the divorce. Keep a proper record of any important life events or actions that can be helpful with your case.
     Consult a legal advisor: With so many things involved, it is difficult to cope up with them. As a piece of advice, seek some legal help as soon as possible to help you with your separation case and get done with it in a better way. Your attorney will not just help you legally, but also support you take certain decisions that you might be unsure about including how to plan for the children’s possession and other property settlements.
     Get a life: Although this may sound a bit obvious, it’s worth mentioning. Now that you are no longer with your partner, it’s time to focus on yourself and your children rather than being sad about what had just happened. Be socially active and do not fear to meet new people. Take your time to discover yourself and make the best out of it.

If you or your family member is going through this stressful phase of life, it’s better to get some expert consultation to get over with it and lead a happy ahead.


Gary Mallett serves as an Associate at OMB Solicitors. With years of experience in cases such as financial agreement preparation and advice, parenting disputes, property disputes, divorce, child support issues, and domestic violence cases, he is counted amongst the finest family lawyers in Gold Coast.

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