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Why Choose Shipping Container Rentals As A Storage Container

>> May 18, 2019

A shipping container is best known as a type of container that is reinforced to withstand the rough nature of the shipment, handling, and storage industry around the world. Shipping container rentals come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from oversized reusable boxes made from steel to the ever popular corrugated boxes that many associates with storage containers. The sheer versatility of storage containers makes these devices an incredibly popular option for not just shipping and transportation purposes, but a number of different uses involving storage across the world. The usual shipping container makes a popular storage option used by numerous businesses for many reasons.
Why choose a shipping container as a storage container

Shipping containers do not go out of use as soon as the shipping job is complete. The shipping container can be repurposed as a storage device. Many manufacturers often do this when these containers get converted into the average storage container rentals. Shipping containers are considered excellent storage options because they are incredibly reinforced against the elements. For example, the average shipping container is considered an overly engineered storage device, meaning that manufacturers take extra precautions to ensure the container is extra strong and able to withstand the rough and tumble nature of shipping and transportation.

How strong are shipping storage container rentals? Storage containers are considered very strong because of how they are manufactured. The common storage container is constructed with corrugated sides with a thickness measuring between 12 to 14 gauges. The container frames are made from the same steel with thicknesses measuring at a minimum of six to eight gauges. The cargo doors are also reinforced and help protect the products inside against the elements and other unwanted intruders.

Storage container rentals are also convenient when it comes to loading and unloading various types of items. For example, the doors of a shipping container open wide enough to help load very large items like vehicles into the container. Some containers can also be used along with ramps and other tools to get items inside and outside the containers. Those with businesses that ship very large items like vehicles may benefit from using this type of storage option for that reason.

Average storage container rentals have relatively inexpensive costs. The dry storage container, which is also the most commonly available for rental, costs as much as a few hundred dollars per month. Other types of storage container rentals, such as insulated containers and refrigerated containers, cost more due to their more advanced nature. Refrigerated container rentals, to provide an example, have a built-in cooling system that helps keep sensitive cargo at a specific temperature.

The size and type of storage container desired by a prospective renter do influence the overall price spent during the entire duration of the rental. In most cases, a prospective renter can rent storage containers for up to 28 days, though longer rental periods can be negotiated with dealers. The versatility in choosing how to pursue container rentals makes them a suitable choice for companies looking for temporary storage options.

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