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How to write the perfect speech for your daughter's or son's prom

>> May 23, 2019

No doubt prom is one of the most exciting stages of graduation, after all, that is when graduates are officially consecrated and have the opportunity to thank their relatives, teachers and friends. In such occasions, the opening of the ceremony is often marked by a graduation speech – a key element of the evening which should catch the attention of all guests. Therefore, it is the mission of the speaker to construct a cohesive, striking and inspiring text that somehow reproduces the feelings of the students.

If you are a parent and happen to have been granted the responsibility of preparing a speech for your daughter’s or son’s prom, it is only natural you will want to do your best. While this may be an easy task for some parents, many ask for help with the “Write my speech” request. Thankfully, there are an array of online platforms that can assist you in the crafting of a perfect speech.
Otherwise, if you choose to take on this task on your own, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Define a theme and structure the speech

The first step in developing any kind of speech is to define a theme of important significance for the people you will address, in this case, the students. Among the most powerful topics are adversity, maturity and transformation. After all, in one way or another, everyone there had to overcome difficulties in training and certainly had great maturity. A good way to start is by discussing the challenges the class had to go through, transformations evident in peer groups and what should be the personal and professional posture of the recent graduates. Choose the topic very carefully because it will be the basis of the whole speech.

Once you have brainstormed a topic, it is time to structure the speech in the classic style: opening, development and conclusion.

·         Opening: it is time to thank the presents, present the theme and prepare the public for the central ideas. It is always good to start with an impact phrase.
·         Development: tell the story and exemplify situation.
·         Conclusion: reflect on the professional future of the students and the final acknowledgments. A great conclusion often proposes some sort of reflection, leaving people in a state of appreciation and gratefulness.

Comment on your personal experiences

At the time of writing and delivering the speech, try to exemplify the subject with your own experiences or with what your son or daughter might have shared with you. Don’t be afraid to talk about what marked you and your colleagues during your school years and what the greatest rewards of that journey were. While thinking of which experiences or comments to add to your speech, consider asking yourself the following questions:

·         How did I change throughout my school years? And what impact it has on my present me?
·         What is the most important lesson I can draw from this time I spent there?
·         What are the most memorable stories?
·         What challenges will they face in the next step of this journey? How are they prepared to live it?


Be charismatic and speak enthusiastically

A striking speech is not made of fancy words and seriousness. Instead, it is the charisma of the speaker and the creativity of the text that will be able to win the admiration of the public. When considering your son’s or daughter’s prom, the important thing is that your speech feels natural. For that, use formal language with care and mix moments of relaxation with more serious remarks.

Try to add a touch of humor with intimate jokes or expressions that indicate the fellowship of the class as this will make your speech more attractive and light. Also, remember that this is a time of celebration and despite having a strong emotional appeal, a prom speech should convey happiness.

Hence, let your excitement become evident through your voice; mix pitch and speech tones; take breaks to breathe and generate more impact. Similarly, be mindful of your body language – good posture and eye contact are important factors for truly luring people into what is being said.

Mention the important people

Just as important as quoting achievements and challenges is to thank the people involved in the lives of the students. Be sure to remember the teachers, a peculiar classmate or even that school employee who has always supported everyone. While the prom often represents celebration, the moment of the speech is a space to thank the people and show how important they all were for the achievement of the diploma.

Avoid ready-made speeches and cliche phrases

On the internet, you can find many ready-made speeches and phrases of impact and for those who have difficulty writing, this seems to be an easy alternative to putting the speech together. However, in order for any prom speech to be powerful it must convey the identity, challenges and aspirations of the whole class – hence, it is very clear to all the guests when the text is copied.

But troubles aside, writing a prom speech is not an inconceivable endeavor. In fact, it is a noble mission that happens to be handed to you, so the very least you could do is go for it!


Emma Robertson is an editor and content creator for Study Ton. Due to her love of languages, she enjoys creating articles which can help motivate both younger and older readers to learn how easy it is to find the motivation to get started on learning a new language. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, meditating and cooking at home.

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