Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Lend your Home a Summer Vibe with Sheer Draperies

>> May 7, 2019

Draperies are an integral part of window treatments, and once installed, they can last for years to provide aesthetic appeal as well as functional utility. Whether you want to amp up the privacy quotient within your home, or to keep the day light out, or allow only dappled sunlight indoors, draperies are your best bet. Created with high quality textile, and typically backed with a lining, draperies serve to trap the heat indoors, and to keep the heat out. Even sheer draperies are also available, which can be used to keep the ambiance breezy and that can be custom fitted to any window, and tailored to perfection according to your choice.

Notch Up a Summery Vibe

In his residential property in Salkia, Mr. Juneja has generously used sheer draperies to create a perfect ambiance for the summers. These sheer curtains are available in endless varieties of colors, textures and designs. You can get the brands like Hunter Douglas, Kravet Joanne Fabrics and the like that bring you sheer draperies in an assortment of colour, fabrics, design and variety.

Play with Colour schemes: For the summers, choose from bold patterns, monochromatic schemes, unconventional designs, or opt from a wide range of color blocking designs. Whatever be your motto, sheer veils will serve your purpose. Sheer drapes are perfect for lending your home a classy elegance, keeping in mind your privacy needs.

Choose Your Fabrics: Drawing from an assortment of fabrics, designs, styles and colors, can help you create an aesthetically appealing interior that also matches with your existing decor. Whenever you need an overhaul of your interiors, do not forget to work on the curtains.

Maintaining your privacy needs

Draperies are mainly used in rooms that need a little extra privacy, sewn in soft textured fabrics and colors that absorb more light than is reflected. Moreover, the light curtains let air pass inside, thus creating a breezy ambiance. The draperies also prevent the harsh glare of the sun.

When it comes to choosing your sheer curtains, do research about the colors and designs that will help maintain privacy of your interiors. Opt for solid colors or patterns in intimate rooms like your bedroom, or the dressing room and ask the designers to draw up designs that will create dappled lighting for the interiors.

The extra lining on the draperies also allows the heat to be trapped indoors during winters, so you can save on your energy bills. To say the least, sheer fabrics create elegant interiors that you will fall in love with.

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