Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

An Innovative Technique of Developing Mathematical Skills

>> Jan 14, 2013

Now it is possible to make our children calculate faster than a computer. Sound it may bizarre but now this is possible by following simple, proven and age old methods of doing mathematical calculations. Many students in India and abroad share the similar fear of the subject Maths. A fair percentage of students is not comfortable doing simple arithmetical problems involving basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, division or multiplication.

Children powered with proper guidance and training to face the subject and solve fundamental arithmetical problems right from the beginning are steered automatically in the direction of achieving academic excellence. Students introduced to abacus or Vedic maths concept are better equipped to face even most complex calculations with ease and confidence.

Abacus training reduces the dependence upon calculators and increases the child's ability to do mental calculations. In addition, abacus education impacts the child and aims at all round development of the personality by boosting self confidence, attentiveness, listening abilities, concentration and imagination. Use of abacus device stimulates fingers and mind simultaneously.

The movement of fingers on the beads of the abacus device along with stimulation of the bran creates a pictorial memory in the mind of the children. The simultaneous use of both the hands along with both parts of the brain (the right brain and the left-brain) conditions and grooms them as quicker and accurate problem solver.

Anyone can become a part of the growing Abacus franchise family and participate in the movement of improving children's overall personality. The concept of abacus is adaptable to blend into any teaching pattern followed at various schools.

The system helps all children alike to improve their grasp over all calculations including multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition. Many international as well as national level competitions including CAT, MCAT, DAT, or GMAT do not allow the use of algorithms or calculators, wherein abacus training from an early age can come in handy.

There is no ideal age to begin with abacus training, even the kids as small as four (kindergarten goers) can grasp abacus concepts, as every module is designed keep in mind the average age of the group taking classes. Another misconception among parents regarding abacus training is that the child already achieving A's does not need the training.

However, the prerogative of sending the child for Abacus classes remains with the parents, an intelligent child can improve upon her /his abilities by accelerating the calculation process thus saving on precious efforts and time. The popular belief that sending the child for an extra class apart from school would create unnecessary pressure is again a myth. In contrast to this myth, students rather find the classes interesting, fun-filled, and stimulating.

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