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Best Five ways of Understanding Children with Bed Wetting Problems

>> Jan 5, 2013

Bedwetting or enuresis is a very widespread issue among all children aged below 5 years in all households. However there are some children who also extend till old age. There is no basically any general reason behind wetting the bed; however doctors opine that bed wetting occurs due to the miss communication between the brain and the urinary bladder. Generally children gain control over themselves by the age of five years but there are some who take a little more time to get matured. 


It’s just that parents need to be a little more conscious if this problem is a long lasting one. Once your child grows up, bed wetting may cause a lot of embarrassment within him leading to frustrations and depression. One needs to take medical aid for that reason. There are few myths that usually are talked by people.

There is a general feeling among majority that children wetting the bed are lazy, or drinking too much water before bedtime can cause too much wetting of beds.

Let us know about the causes of bed wetting:

  1. Hereditary
It has generally been observed that bed wetting lies in the genes. Children who have had hereditary problems are seen to wet their beds till the ages of 4-5 years.

  1. Difficulty of waking up
It has also been seen that children wetting the bed have problems in waking up easily due to which they do not understand the feeling to urinate.

  1. Medical problems
People who are suffering from medical problems like urinary tract infections, Diabetes, and constipation are prone to secondary bed wetting which needs to be handled by the doctor. Also children with worms have a tendency to urinate in their beds while sleeping. Small bladder which cannot hold much urine at a time can also be a cause of bed wetting. This is known as primary wetting of the bed.

  1. Children should not be scolded for wetting beds
Children should not be scolded or punished in any way for wetting the bed. This might lead to more depressions among them. Instead they should try to understand the reason behind the problem and try to resolve it slowly and carefully. If required, medical aid can be taken. This is a part and parcel of growing up and till 5 years of age it is normal. Hence they should be treated with love and care and the problem and one will definitely overcome this problem.

  1. Remind them about visiting the toilet
Parents should remind their child to go to the toilet before bedtime.

  1. Understand that your child is not doing it purposefully
Being as parent requires lots of patience and understanding. You should understand that your child is not wetting the bed consciously. Without scolding him you need to talk it out with him gently so that he understands that it is not right.

It is not difficult for a parent to explain to his child if done with love and care. In the initial stage, if you are aware that your child has this problem try using a plastic oil cloth for the same. Take your child to the doctor if you feel that this is a long drawn issue. There is no need to get worried. The issue will get resolved very seen if handled with love and care.

About the Author:
The above article is written by Celi associated with http://www.purr-o-lux.co.uk who is a mom of two and loves to write articles related to family and kids. In her free time, she imparts knowledge via her articles. 

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