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3 Easy Ways to Win a Personal Injury Case in a Car Accident

>> Jan 4, 2013

When your car is involved in an accident with another moronic motorist the sad part is the fact that it is not only your beloved machine that faces all the physical damage and other scars on its body, in all probability you or any other family member riding in the car will also end up with their fair share of scars and injuries.

Does this mean that the insurance company will reimburse you for the damage done to the car alone while your personal injury expenses and other traumas go unpunished? Certainly not. This is why you should have a car accident attorney fighting your case in the court in order to ensure that you get reimbursement for what you rightfully deserve. Here are 3 simple ways to ensure that you win the case:

1.   Get Your Information Correct

Remember that even the best of car accident lawyers out there in the market can’t help you with your case if the basic information that you provide them about the motorist who caused the accident. This is why this is the most basic yet the most important aspect of the whole case and you will need to ensure that the information that you collect about the motorist is impeccable in nature.

This is why you must have the contact information and address of all the witnesses of the incident and ensure that you know their names also. This also extends for the motorist himself. Come what may, you must get hold of the registration number of the vehicle that caused the damage to you and the car. This will give you access to further information.

2.   Collect The Primary Proof

One of the many mistakes that most people commit when claiming for damages they suffered to their own body part from the car accident is that they fail to take primary evidence of the damages in its entirety. This is why it is recommended that you use your camera (either a dedicated one or your cellphone’s) to click pictures of the damage that has been done to your car and the injuries that you and other riders of the car has undergone. This will reinforce your case and ensure that the verdict is partially in your favor.

3.   Detailed Report Of The Incident

If you are in a physical state to do so, the first thing that must be done once you have received primary first aid care to your injuries is that you must prepare a detailed written report of the whole incident wherein you describe every small detail leading up to the incident. In case you are planning to postpone it to a later time, you must know that with the passage of time your memory will lose track of the events and your account will be quite far from the reality that had taken place.

Once you have ensured these 3 primary steps after the car accident, you can rest assured that your chances of winning the claims’ case just went through the roof!

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