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The Functions Played by Orthodontist

>> Jan 20, 2013

Orthodontists specialize in comprehensive treatment for adolescents and orthodontic treatment for young children with growth, development and tooth eruption issues. They also treat adults with functional and esthetic bite concerns.
Orthodontists mostly offer:

  • Ceramic braces 
  • Metal braces
  • Lingual braces ( an esthetic choice where essentially invisible braces are placed inside the teeth)
  • Invisalign ( series of clear retainers to move teeth)

It has been noticed that most of the  orthodontics are famous for their friendly nature which they maintain with their patients. They maintain a good rapport with both the adults and the kids to understand which kind of orthodontic treatment they require like- if they require Invisalign or braces.

Some of the treatment provided by the  orthodontists are-

  • Invisalign- It is an invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces using transparent aligners. The aligners are custom-made, clear and removable. There are no metals, wires or brackets to cause mouth abrasions. The person who undergoes this particular treatment can also eat and drink normally.
  • Early evaluation- Early examination provides timely detection and diagnosis of the problem more easily and provides more opportunity for better treatment.
  • Adult treatment- Braces are not only for kids but also for the adults. Orthodontic treatment at later stages of life can give one a charming personality and it changes in one’s appearance dramatically. The new techniques the orthodontists adopted is to mainly reduce the discomfort levels of the individuals, shorten treatment time, decreases the frequency of visits and so on.
  • Orthognatists surgery- It is a corrective jaw surgery which corrects and treats the abnormalities of jaws, teeth and facial bones. Often this condition disturbs the daily living like eating, chewing, sleeping and other activities. As a result this surgery corrects the problem and improve the overall appearance of the face.
  • Incognito- It is a new kind of orthodontic braces for teens and adults. They are 100% authentic and customized braces available in the market now. The incognito is placed behind the teeth which is not noticeable at all. As there are no two faces are similar, at the same time there are no two sets of incognito are similar.
  • Retention- When the braces are removed or the patient is finished with the aligners, the retention stage of the treatment begins. The retention phase lasts for a lifetime. The result of the treatment depends on the way the person maintains the retainer by regularly wearing it and following the instructions of the orthodontics. It is very important to remember to remove the retainer before brushing and it is also needed to brush the retainer before placing it back in the mouth.

Thus these are the few wonderful opportunities which the orthodontists provide to the patients.

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