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Make Your Own Healthier Popcorn with Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper

>> Jan 8, 2013

Who doesn’t know popcorn? For many people, popcorn is a must have snack while watching movies, whether at theaters or homes. What is more, popcorn has become an America’s favorite snack.  There’s a statistical fact mentioned that the average American eats 54 quarts of popcorn each year or in other words, the U.S. people consume about 17 million quarts of popcorn annually! Those are huge amounts; it’s no wonder if it’s said that American people eat popcorn more than other people of any country around the world!

Actually, popcorn itself –without any addition- is a healthy snack for your family. It’s free from sodium and sugar and also high in fiber. It contains only 55 calories per oil-popped cup. Unfortunately, some ways of popcorn making can make it becomes unhealthy meal. Movie popcorn that you usually find at cinemas is an example of kinds of popcorn that you should eat less since lots of butter added to pop the kernels. There has already been a survey discovered that popcorn offered at cinemas contained high saturated fat and calories.

Microwave popcorn is another example of unhealthy popcorn. The plastic coating of the bag is including carcinogenic matter that may cause cancer. The smell of butter of microwave popcorn may please your nose, but don’t you know that this smell has lately been connected to lung disease that has affected many workers in microwave popcorn factories? That’s a fact that you should think about!

So, how to make a great and healthier one? You can use a good popcorn popper like Whirley Pop popcorn popper that ensures every kernel will pop perfectly -fast and easily.  Just add a little butter or skip it at all. To make low calorie popcorn, olive oil is the best option that you should choose. If you want to enhance the flavor, you may add non-fatty ingredients into your popcorn. Are you ready to start the new healthier way to enjoy popcorn?

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