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5 Golden Rule of Wearing Jewelry for Women

>> Jan 28, 2013

Elegance, attention, status quo or simply a fashion statement are some of the reasons why women love to wear jewelries any time of the day or on most special occasions. Women spend time in searching for different jewelries which are perfect accessories to match their bags, shoes, and clothing. They spend not just time and energy but a lot of money as well. While some women maybe good at searching for the cheapest jewelries there are in town when they sum it all up, all the jewelries in their jewelry boxes or trays, they’ll realize that they have quite a fortune there.
Unfortunately, while many women find the best jewelries that match their personalities, most women fail at the mix and match portion when it comes to their outfits. All their efforts are to no avail when this happens. To save you from all the hassles, try the following golden rules when it comes to wearing jewelry for women:

Do Not Overdo It
You might have the best gold jewelries but this does not mean you have to wear them all at once. Two to three pieces should be enough. This means that a nice pair of gold earrings, bracelet and ring should be enough. Otherwise, if you want to show off that big gold watch your parents gave you then avoid wearing a big golden bracelet or an oversized gold ring too. One big piece of jewelry should be the star in your choice of accessories. Let one of them stand out from the rest as this will help you stand out from the crowd as well.

Wear them Smart
Wearing jewelries should not only be an emotional fulfillment but should be a smart move too. It should not just be based on what you feel like wearing but what works well with your age and body shape. If you are young or you look you with younger looking skin then going for chokers, bangles and longer necklaces should be fine. If you are thin or you want have some facial issues such as pimples or blemishes then putting on clip on earrings  should do the trick.

Match the Occasion
If you are attending a holiday party, then go bright and wear brilliance with jewelries that sparkle. Look festive with the right jewelries. Pearls are always perfect for formal gatherings especially if you are wearing something black or plain. You can also mix metals like gold and silver especially if the rest of your outfit has them.

Be Bold but Elegant
It’s always a delight to wear something bold once in a while such as a pair of earrings, ring or necklace with a large stone. However, make sure that you don’t wear them with printed outfit. Your jewelry will struggle with your other outfit for people’s attention. To look more elegant make sure you bold statement is the only fashion statement you are wearing loudly. The same is true if you are fond of outlandish hair accessories. You should wear simpler jewelries if you have outstanding hair accessories on.

Do More with Less
When you are not sure with how to make the most of the jewelries you have, never forget the last rule: Less is More. Standout amongst the crowd by understating which means wearing less jewelries but never without confidence. If you can’t decide which to wear then wear the one or two pieces that makes you happy. Remember not all of them, just one or two but always wear a smile and make a wonderful difference everywhere you go.

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