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Buying Guide for an Electric Shower

>> Jan 21, 2013

When you are looking to update your bathroom, one of the options you will have is an electric shower. Many homeowners are finding that electric showers are not only a beautiful addition to their bathroom, but they can also provide some additional comfort when installed properly. Before buying any of these lavish options though, you will want to take a moment to look over some key points.
As you may be aware, the shower is going to be a vital part of your bathroom. This is one of the reasons why you must take the time to put some though and effort into the buying process. While you could simply choose any basic system to install, you are going to discover that the extra time and effort you spend on choosing this unit is going to be worth it.

When you begin to explore your options for an electric shower, pay close attention to more than just the cost of the unit. There will be things like water pressure, heating and other items that are going to have more of a bearing on your overall experience. Additionally, keep in mind that not all models of electric showers will work in all bathrooms; some do have size and spacing requirements that you will need to be able to meet.

The Power Rating
Typically, the electric shower options you will find are going to have a pair of power ratings. The first will be 8.5 KW, while the second will be 10.5 KW. This number is important, because it reflects the wattage it uses to heat the water that it will spray. The higher the number, the quicker it will be able to heat the water in the pipes. Typically, a 10.5 KW unit will be able to heat water in just a minute, while 8.5 KW will heat your water in a matter of minutes.

Water Pressure
The next thing you will want to look for when you are browsing electric showers will be the water pressure they offer. While traditional showers are dependent on local water pressure, you will find that the electronic unit can help to boost pressure to ensure that you are able to maintain a strong and steady stream of water.

If you have an existing electric shower in place, you will need to ensure that the wiring is the same as the old model. However, if you are installing a unit for the first time, it is important you understand that the power rating you choose to install will be the standard for any future electronic showers you choose to install in the same space. When you have decided on the wiring, be sure you hire a trained electrician to handle the installation as improper installation can have deadly results.

There is no denying that an electric shower can be an exceptional investment for your home. Make sure you take the time to explore all the options you have and choose the best electric shower you can afford.

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