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Is Pet Tracker Useful?

>> Jan 4, 2013

If you have pets, then you must be aware of the anxiety caused when your beloved pet wanders off. It is all fine if they are in the house but what about the instances when they wander off to the unsafe world out there? This is, perhaps, the main cause of worry for pet parents and why not? Most people love their pet as they love their child. This is why pet trackers were invented.

Pet tracker is a device that lets you know where your pet is. It even has a pet GPS that can pinpoint the exact location of your pet. This means that you are always aware of your pet’s whereabouts and can say goodbye to your worries. If you are still unsure about it, here are some things that would aid you in your decision –

1.   Statistics of Lost Pets – In most cases, statistics are mere numbers but not in this case. Did you know that there are many thousands of pets that wander away and never make it back to their home? Scary, right? The figures suggest that almost 15% of dogs and around 2% of cats never return to their owners. The difference is, of course, because cats have an excellent sense of direction that is better than dogs. Your pet tracker would ensure that your pet does not become a part of these statistics.

2.   Easy To Handle – These trackers are light weight and not at all tedious to wear. This is because you need to make your pet wear it 24x7 and must never take it off. Your dog or cat can wear the tracker even when they are training and playing and it will not come off. The battery life is usually good and stays for many days without requiring recharge.

There are other playful features as well which help in the training of your pet. Beeping sounds to indicate reward when your pet behaves well and such other things are installed in these trackers.

3.   Multiple Pets Using Single Remote – Of course, if you have many pets, it can be quite a chore to keep all the pet remotes with you. Hence, most pet trackers come with a single remote, usually in a keychain form, that would work for all the trackers. The receiver is attached at the collar of your pet and one push of button would make them come running to you if they are around.

4.   Pet Friendly – Your pet tracker is never an inconvenience to your pet and is also pretty to look at. The device is scratch proof and water resistant (so it can be worn while swimming) and comes in multiple color cases if you are a fashion conscious pet parent.

So, the next time your cat or dog goes wandering off, don’t worry yourself to death because they are just a push of button away. Pet trackers are a great invention and you should make full use of them.

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