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Teachergive Sale 2023

Shimla-Let’s Play with Ice!!

>> Jan 31, 2013


Shimla is the hottest tourist sport in north India, a large amount of tourist from all over the world came here to enjoy the natural beauty of Shimla. Shimla is known as the queen of hills, since it is a hills station it is situated in between the hills most of the time these hills are completely covered with the sheet of snow, there are dense forest of deodar and pine trees so we can say in Shimla we can get rich natural habitat. There are many things which can bind you in Shimla during the season of snowfall the beauty, grace and charm all these are at the top. it is the capital of the state situated in the north India Himachal Pradesh.  People came with their family to enjoy this, there are many other spots in Shimla some are:

The Market:

The mall is the major market of Shimla everything which we need is available here, most of the local people as well as tourist came here for shopping. In this mall there are many restaurants, bars, banks and many other things are situated which make sure that you can have everything at the same place. most of the people use this mall as there meeting place they meet here eat here do gossips and they came back to their home in this way they use to celebrate their social life.

The old Christ Church:

Shimla is one of the most famous destinations in North India one of the reason is the architecture, the wooden houses beautiful hotels and wonderful churches. There exists second oldest church in whole North India. Where thousands of pilgrims came every year, this place has its own effect people who came here just forget there all stress and tensions which they have to face in there day to day life. This church has very unique interior each thing symbolize hope, charity, patience, faith and humility.

The historic State Museum

Museum is the place where all the unique things which are first or last piece of their kind are placed. Shimla state Museum was opened in 1974 after independence, with the concept that knowledge of history is very much important for the bright future. This Museum is filled with cultural wealth and many unique articles related to art, archaeology.

Summer Hill and Annandale:

Summer hill is the place where Mahatma Gandhi lived at the time of independence when he visited here .it is 5Kms away from the town at the height of 6,500 ft. on the Shimla-Kalka railway line. This place is nowadays developed as a playground where people of all age groups use to play there is favorite sport is cricket. This ground is filled with people always; many of them came here just to spend some time in open air.

So Shimla is the complete mixture of art, snow, rich heritage as well as natural beauty so I suggest you should visit here at least ones you will definitely come here again , so just contact your tourism advisor get your ticket booked and enjoy your holidays here. It is very easy to reach here by any mode train, bus plane each facility is available here.

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