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Reaching Your Target Heart Zone with Polar RCX 5

>> Jan 18, 2013

My late father has passed away a year ago. The doctor diagnosed his heart disorder was caused by over exercise –for people in seventy years of age. Before his heart was affected, my late father loved to walk around the park nearby every morning for about two hours. I didn’t know that it influenced his heart in a bad way. Unfortunately at that time, I knew nothing about any heart rate monitor device.
One of my three brothers loves to ride a bike. He’s cycling regularly for getting fitness and maintaining his body weight.  I don’t want his heart affected harmfully -like my father- but I also want him to reach successfully workout.  He’s ever told me that he planned to lose weight about a few pounds. Once I know the Polar RCX 5 multisport watch, I think it could be a perfect hi-tech gear that will support him to reach his exercise goals.

He’s not an athlete; he would need this heart rate monitor device mainly to achieve his target heart zone.  I’ve ever read that body’s fat-burning only happens when you exercise in aerobic heart zone (65-80% of maximum heart rate). Since he desires to improve fitness and burn fat, he should spend most of his cycling time among the required heart zone. This smart device will surely help him a lot!

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Gany January 18, 2013 at 5:21 PM  

Sorry for your dad. This Polar RCX will help many people. Good one.

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