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Teachergive Sale 2023

Why Gifting Your Boy His Favourite Bat is the Best Idea for His Birthday

>> Jan 2, 2013

After football, cricket is the second popular game in all countries. It has earned great popularity among all. Since time immemorial boys have been passionate about the game cricket. Ranging from the footpaths, to the roadside TVs, to restaurants and homes, a game of cricket always draws a boy to his favourite destination- a good match of cricket. You will notice that as soon as your son starts growing up, he will develop a knack regarding cricket. Cricket is a great form of entertainment and also helps in triggering your love for the nation.


Nothing can surprise your child more than gifting him a cricket bat or a baseball bat and ball which he can play with. If he is small, there are a number of small plastic bats which are available in various sizes and colours. As your child grows up, you can switch over to wooden bats from the plastic bats and professionals make use of bats made from willow tree wood for playing their game.

A bat is a best friend for boys. They can spend their time playing with the bat along with his friends. Bats are their first love affair.

Why is a bat a great gift for a birthday?
If you are searching for a good gift to give to your child, a bat is one of the best gifts that he will simply love!

  • Bats have from time immemorial been boys best friend because they are a source of great entertainment in playing a good game of cricket.
  • They are available in all leading sports stores.
  • If you are wondering what to gift your small kid, do not hesitate to buy him a bat because they are harmless. People have come up with non toxic bats made of different colour plastics as well as various sizes which are apt for your child.
  • They are reasonable and great for a child.
  •  You can also switch over to a larger bat when your son grows up.
  • Playing cricket is a great form of exercise for your child and buying him a bat will trigger his passion for cricket and he will run off to the fields.
  • It also will help in increasing concentration and passion for a game of cricket.
  • Bats are durable as well as long lasting.
  • Kid’s bats come in various cartoons which are inscribed in them.
  • They are a style of elegance and aristocracy as well.

Different bats
Bats come in various colours, shapes and sizes. However once your child grows up the bats available are made of wood. These bats are strong and hard. Good quality bats are made of English willow or Pakistani willows which are strong.

Bats are preferred by any boy as his birthday gift. Try gifting a bat to your child and observe him glow with joy! Thus gifting your son a bat on his birthday will be one of the best gifts you can present him with.

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