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Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

>> Jan 15, 2013

Having a regular exercise during pregnancy can aid a woman to remain healthy and feel fit. Exercises improve the body posture and eradicate body discomforts and aches. Scientific studies have evidenced that pregnancy exercises prevents an attack of gestational diabetes. They also reduce stress and offer the necessary stamina required during labor and delivery. Women who exercise regularly should continue the regimen though in moderation. This is because strenuous exercises may affect the unborn child, or lead to a miscarriage. There are several rules that a pregnant woman can follow so as to exercise safely during her pregnancy. 
First, it is always advisable to confirm with a health provider before commencing exercises. A doctor will be able to offer beneficial advice about the right types of exercises to take. This is highly recommended for people who have delivery complications. In such cases, taking exercises may endanger their lives and even those of their unborn children. However, women who were active in exercises before pregnancy may be advised to continue with them. A routine check-up should be performed to monitor the state of their unborn babies. 

An exercising mother should take a lot of calories to compensate for the lost strength in the body. Physical exercises burn a lot of calories from the body. If a pregnant woman takes a lot of exercises and eats less, her body will become weak and unable to support a fetus. A pregnant woman gains weight as the fetus continues to develop. A regular intake of body building food is essential to ensure she has the strength to carry the baby. However, it is good to take regular exercises to avoid becoming overweight. A doctor can be able to monitor the body weight during pregnancy and remedy the safest exercises to keep fit. 

It is extremely important for pregnant woman to steer a way from dangerous sports. They should avoid contact sporting activities which could throw them off balance. Examples of such sports include; biking, horse riding, skiing, among others. These vigorous exercises should be avoided since there is an elevated level of hormones during pregnancy. Hormones during this period relax the pelvic joints in order to prepare for child birth. They also loosen the body ligaments and joints which makes a woman susceptible to injuries from falls and sprains. 

Lastly, it is always advisable for a pregnant woman to take a warm up exercises before commencing on the strenuous practice. This helps in preparing the muscles and joints. It also builds up the rate of the heart gradually thus minimizing chances of attaining a heart attack. Starting the exercises instantaneously before the body is prepared could damage the muscles and ligaments. A woman can also experience post work out discomforts such as backaches and headaches. 

The pregnancy period can run on smoothly if handled with caution. Exercises are necessary to facilitate a normal body metabolism. However, it is always advisable to participate in the right sports. This is to avoid accidents such as hurting the unborn child. 

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