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Patna University: An Institution of Unmatched Pedigree

>> Jan 9, 2013

Patna University is the 7th oldest University of the country, established in 1917 to meet with the increasing requirements of higher education of states of Bihar, Orissa and neighboring country Nepal. The university has an unmatched pedigree and a legacy followed by many institutions established after it. The university has played an important role in shaping the geo-political and socio-economical scenario of the region. It has a influence that transcends the state boundaries and extends to whole of the country.  Bihar’s sole teaching and residential university, PU has contributed immensely with its extraordinary academic credentials in the field of education and otherwise.  The university started functioning in 1917 as a affiliating and examining body and was turned into a teaching and residential university in 1952.

Campus and Affiliations

Located on the banks of pious river Ganges, the university has an expansive campus that extends over a great geographical area. A newer campus in Saidpur was added to the existing building.  The university has some of the best and oldest affiliated colleges such as:

Patna College:  It is one of the oldest colleges in the country. Set up in 1863, Patna College was earlier affiliated to University of Calcutta.  However in 1917 with the establishment of Patna University it was decided that the college belonged to Bihar and therefore its affiliations was changed to Patna University.

Patna Science College: The College was originally Science department of Patna University. Started in 1927, it was accorded a status of an independent college the next year itself in 1928. The college offers courses in pure science as well as applied science.

Bihar College of Engineering:  The origins of this college can also be found dating back to the pre-independence era. Established as a survey training school in 1886, the college was renamed to Bihar College of Engineering in 1900. The college was accorded the status of National Institute of Technology in 2004.

Bihar National College: Right from its inception in 1889, the college has been catering to aspirants who want to pursue higher education in multi-disciplinary courses.

Patna Women’s College: The fairer sex was ignored when it came to education. It was not until 1940, when an enterprising individual and social reformer Bishop B.J Suvillan. The college originally operated from Bishop’s own house, which was later shifted to Bailey Road, its current campus.

Courses & Curriculums

Patna University offers courses in Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Law, Commerce and others. It has 34 separate departments for the same and 10 constituent colleges on the campus. The university also provides affiliation to Patna Medical College and Patna Dental College; however it is controlled by the State Government. There are plenty of management courses like Master of Business Administration, in the Department of Applied Economics and Commerce, the Department of Personal Management and Industrial Relation is having post-graduate Diploma courses in Industrial Safety Management and Rural Management and Welfare Administration.


Patna University’s Central Library is one of the largest in the country. It offers its services to a wide array of sects and classes, students and faculties, researchers and workers alike. Connected to high speed internet, the library has been completely computerized and turned into a digital media resource. Putting numbers into perspective, Patna University has over 4, 00, 000 books, 87 periodicals and 50,000 back journals. However its real treasure is the bank of approximately 5000 ancient and rare manuscripts, which are exclusively used for research by scholars.

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