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An Informative Guide About Installation Of PBX System In Small Business Setups

>> Feb 7, 2016

When anyone starts a business it becomes a great necessity to establish a good communication system, durable enough to connect the employees. Nowadays, IP phones or VoIP are preferred over digital phones. It has become a necessity to establish a good branch exchange as well. It might have never occurred why one should stress on an exchange system, but to be specific this is where the base of all your data and communication sharing protocols are positioned.
Key telephone system
When individually selected lines available for each telephone are provided with selection buttons then they constitute, what is known as key telephone systems. They were initially, a part of customer-controlled switching system. They were built using electromechanical shared-control or sometimes, with electronic shared-control and independent key sets. After, the era of key telephone systems hybrid telephone system were widely used.

Hybrid key telephone system
They were initially dedicated handsets that displayed and allowed access to all connected to PSTN lines and stations. These support both analog as well as digital signaling. These also have some call appearance buttons which correspond to some individual lines and stations.

PBX communication system
Private Branch eXchange or PBX system will prove to be the most awaited and promising exchange system you were always in search for. A private branch exchange system is a normal and simple switching system that serves a private organization and helps to perform concentration of central office lines and trunks to provide intercommunication over a large corporeal setup.

Each connected system through such a station, such as a telephone set, is refereed as an extension and also they are designated with a telephone extension number which are mapped automatically to a numbering plan which is identified over a number block.

Points to be kept in mind while selecting such a system
The private branch exchange system is managed by company switchboards manually and makes use of cord circuits. Also, due to the large demand of packet-switched communications and due to the availability of Internet as a global system the private branch exchange system became even more attractive. While making a choice over such system one should also make a note of all system components included:

  • Cabinets
  •  Console
  • Wires and cables
  • Power cards
  • Microcontroller and microcomputer
  • Telco trunks
  • Telephone sets
  • Internal switching network
  • Power supply or batteries

Advantages for small-business usage
First of all it is very important to clarify that such systems use analog lines and thus are equivalent to four private analog + one public analog line. They can be visualized as a small cigar box. Many telecommunication providers’ offer a hosted exchange system and the handsets are connected via and internet connection.

Functions which can be provided by a public branch exchange system are-

  • To establish connections between the sets of two users
  • Maintaining the connections
  • Disconnections of some unused connections (as per the user’s requirement)
  • To provide information for accounting purposes.

All telephone system companies ensure their customer’s satisfaction by providing the most promising IT solutions to their business setup along with most durable component constituted in the PBX systems.

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