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Car Accident - Few Tips To Stay Out Of Trouble

>> Feb 5, 2016

Among all the living beings, the life of humans has remained the most precious to mankind. Yet people show poor and careless attitude towards their well-being and life, while driving on the road.

To avoid these serious car accidents there are few simple steps that can be taken, which are outlined below.
Be familiar with the law
While driving on the road you need to be quite familiar with the general traffic rules and law. These laws include:
·         Driving on the correct side of the road
·         Taking care of speed limitations
·         Follow the traffic signals
·         Always wear the seat belts
·         Keeping a safe distance from other cars

Check your car first
Before you go for a ride, it is most important to have a good hold over your car. Know all the necessary functions of your car such as accelerator, brakes, clutch and signal lights. Scrutinize your accelerator, clutch and brakes are working properly or not. Also keep a check on the tyres and ensure that they are properly inflated and have grip to get friction on the road.

Avoid distraction
Avoid using mobile phones, while you are driving. Most of the accidents that happen these days are the consequences of using mobile phones, while you drive. Also, make sure that you do not get too involved in a serious conversation which can cause distraction, while driving. Do not drive while you are under stress as your reaction time will drop off.

Be careful with the speed
Always take care of the speed limit, while on the road within traffic. Different roads and highways have set a standard speed for specific vehicles. You need to be aware of the fact that what is the speed limit of the lane? Also, what is the speed limit of your vehicle? It is important to be synchronous with the other vehicles on the road to avoid stress.

Keep a watchful eye
You need to be careful on the intersections as there are more chances of mishap to occur. Use side mirrors, while taking turn and changing lanes. Make sure that you have given side signal while taking a turn because any mistake can result in crash. Care to slow when you see a Zebra crossing or children on the side.

Avoid driving while you are under influence of alcohol
Consuming alcohol reduces reaction speed and under impulsive conditions, if you fail to respond you can be in trouble. Avoid driving late at night, as your body becomes more vulnerable, during night time. If you cannot make decision on time, you are more prone towards meeting an accident.

Also avoid driving at night time as your viewing capacity decreases. On Australian freeways be careful while overtaking a huge vehicle, such as truck and buses.

Follow above tips and learn defensive driving to avoid car accidents or road mishaps in future. In case you have met with an accident, it is best for you to hire car accident attorney Perth. An experienced lawyer to help you enables to get your insurance claim easily.

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jp@A Green Ridge February 5, 2016 at 8:54 PM  

When my accident occurred, I was obeying the law while the other driver wasn't. I tried to get out of his way (driving defensively) as his car launched across the road hitting me head on. My car was totaled. This was the first accident I was ever in...horrible, just horrible, as the images of his car coming toward me are so vivid....:)JP

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