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Tips on Helping Your Child Develop Good Study Habits

>> Feb 2, 2016

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to encourage your child to develop good study habits. Your child should start valuing education and hard work from an early age. Only if you manage to help them do this, will they be on the right path and achieve career success once they all grown up. The skills a child picks up at such an early age will help grow into an independent and hard working person. Follow these tips if you want your child to start learning at such early age.

Choose the study area

Many children do not have designated study area and because of that, they face much distraction while studying. If you want your child to study properly, help them decide on the studying area. Child’s room and dining room table are the best places you can choose, since there is nothing else that can take away their attention. If there is no desk in the child’s room, make sure you get one as soon as possible. Children learn more efficiently if there is enough space for them to do so. Also, make sure there are many studying supplies like pencils, paper, sharpeners etc. In fact, what you can do is make it your child’s responsibility to supply the desk with stuff like that.

Organize school projects and homework

Another way you can help is to make sure your child does not forget about any obligations. Get a large calendar and put it up on the wall. Also, pick up colored markers so your child can mark the dates of all the tests and school projects. Another good thing to do is to tear calendar apart, and make it your child’s job to up the new piece every month. This way, there is another responsibility that will help you encourage hard work and proper studying habits.

Turn off all the electronics

Children today learn with the TV on and their phone right next to them. No matter how much these are important for our everyday lives they should be turned off during the study time. Some of them even like to study with the music on. Even though many people think music is another distraction, many children can learn all right with the music on. Try both of these ways and see how your child is going to react. Also, make sure any devices like mobile phones or tablets are far away from the desk. Only let your child use the phone if there is a need to consult about the homework with a friend.

Help your child gain confidence for the tests

Taking tests is a real troublesome experience for most of the children. It is up to you to make sure your child feels confident and ready to take the test. Make it clear that sleeping enough the night before the test is really important. Another thing you should do is to mention how important it is to go through directions carefully and pay much attention on every question.

Start as early as possible

Even though many parents believe their children are too young to start developing studying habits, this is does not seem to be the case. Parents should actually display good examples way before child starts going to school. So if you have a small child, make sure you read to them enough. Choose some interesting subjects they he or she will want to learn more about. Also, this might increase your child’s will to start learning how to read. Another good thing to do is to sign up your child for Montessori educational program. There is a program designed especially for any age.

All of these things will help your child develop proper studying habits and make him or her responsible person one day. But do not stop there. Always search for some new ways you can help your child become more responsible.

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