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Facts and Features That You Must Know About the Cremation Services

>> Feb 5, 2016

Cremation is fast emerging as an alternate to burial service in Christian society. Due to paucity of burial grounds for dead bodies in metropolitan and crowded cities and acceptance of this ritual by Catholic Church, the world  is witnessing a steep growth in cremation rate that this figure now stand at above 40%. However the choice between a burial and cremation is a very personal one and is arrived at keeping in mind family traditions, values and last wishes of the deceased.
Here we are covering some basic information on cremation services for your ready reference:

What Is Cremation?
  • In cremation, the dead body is reduced to ashes in a crematorium by a thermal dissolution process. At first, a formal funeral ceremony is held where the dead body is kept in a coffin for visitors and relatives followed by a cremation ceremony.
  • The cremated ashes are then handed over to the family in an Urn. Cremation is a just an alternate way to the traditional burial service and is considered as dignified as the later.
Where is Cremation carried out?
Cremation is definitely not as expensive as burial as one need not procure a casket, unless you plan to hold a funeral function for which a casket be rented out. The cremation can be performed at a very equitable price at the crematory hall of the funeral home or even at a local crematory ground.

What is Direct Cremation?
  •  One of the very cost effective and cheapest ways to dispose of the body is to call for direct cremation services.
  • One may not choose to hold a funeral function and call the cremation provider who collects dead body, cremates it and hands over the ashes to you and the death certificate.
  • The family can then hold a memorial service in the name of the deceased when it best suits them thereby reducing the funeral costs drastically.

How to Choose the Best Cremation Service Provider?
There are various ways to check the credibility and reliability of the chosen cremation provider. Verify the background of the staff, credentials of the crematory and procedures run by them are as per guidelines and whether they identify the deceased and provide death certificate and ashes correctly and timely.

What Would You do Once You have Received Ashes?
Cremated remains and ashes must be disposed of as per wish of the deceased or can be safely kept in an urn. Many cremation services provide a burial ground for the ashes that serve as a memorial place. The ashes can even be scattered in the sea as per national guidelines, however scattering them in a private area is strictly prohibited unless it is allowed by the owner. It is always beneficial to discuss and preplan final burial wishes with the cremation service provider so that last wishes are completed with no hiccups.

Can Cremation be Pre Planned?
One of the ways to ease off burden from your family at time of your death is to pre plan how you want to be cremated and remembered as. It lends a sense of great relief to the family that your final wishes and procedures were well thought of in advance and will be carried as per your desires.

The cremation service provider offers various flexible plans and discusses in detail about what kind of service you want to choose and the costs surrounding it: from traditional burial, direct cremation to a memorial service, choice of ash disposal, scriptures and music, funeral service, participants and even pre funding the entire expenditure while you are still alive. Preplanning your cremation is a form of love and is increasingly practiced in urban society today.

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