Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Offer Children a Better Life through Sponsorship

>> Feb 10, 2016

Children are shining beacons of joy, and they deserve to have every opportunity possible so that they can succeed in their lives. Sadly, many children in the world live in impoverished areas where they do not get the basic essentials that they need to remain happy, healthy, and safe in their daily lives. Worse still, they often lack for food, water, and educational services that can offer then a more secure future. You can help solve this problem today by donating money to a programme that sponsors these poor youths, offering them a chance they would never otherwise have.

The Challenges of Poverty
Growing up in poverty is not something that anyone should have to experience, children least of all. When you do not have any money, you cannot buy food or clothing, often leaving you to reduced to begging on the streets. When your entire village is poor, your options are even more limited, as there is no one around who can give you the items you need to be happy and healthy.

If you are a child living in a poor area where there are many diseases present, this poverty can be even more of a problem. A lack of money will often translate to a lack of available medicine and vaccines, meaning that if you are unlucky enough to catch malaria, you will suffer far more than if you were in a hospital in New Zealand or other developed nations.

The fact that children suffer every day because they live in regions where there is extensive poverty is very distressing. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to help set these children and their families back on the road to well-being. You can go online now and elect to sponsor a child.

The Joy of Sponsorship
By donating less than $50 a month, you can help provide for the entire village of a child who is in need. Your sponsorship donation will allow you to connect with a poor child who is benefiting directly from your sponsorship. A charity that specialises in these sponsorships will take your money and ensure that it gets directly to the children and villages that need it most. Once there, the money will be used to offer food, clothing, medical care, and even education to these children. Without your help, the children would never have access to all of these services, making it important that you sponsor today!

When you initiate your donations, you will be put in touch with a child in a poor village. As you donate over time, you will begin to see what an impact your donations make thanks to regular updates provided by the charitable organisation. Over time you will feel connected on a personal level to the child you are sponsoring. Eventually you may even be able to talk to or visit the child to truly get a sense for how much your aid has meant to them over time. Don’t let children anywhere suffer; become a child sponsor today!

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