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Home Sweet Office: Comfort in the Workplace

>> Feb 25, 2016

Having a home office makes business easier since you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. However, if the office is not as comfy as your home, you will not like spending time there and it would feel like any other cubicle. Do your best to make your home office pleasant and homey.

Comfortable Seating
Spending the entire work day in an uncomfortable desk chair will make you annoyed, achy and frustrated. That is not beneficial for your work or your health. So, do not try to save extra money by using chairs from your dining room.  You need to ensure your posture is correct to help with blood flow to your brain, by using an ergonomically comfortable office chair you can achieve this without breaking the bank. Spend a little extra money on a quality durable chair with proper back support and with adjustable height for better flexibility.

Maximize the Lighting
The light from your computer screen and an overhead lighting are not enough, and can create a rather cold atmosphere. Those are not pleasant work conditions, so you need to lighten up the mood a bit. Harvest as many daylight as possible, since it is the best source of light and brings warmth into the room. Set up a stylish desktop lamp and relieve eye strain. Always have several sources of light, because dark and gloomy office is never a good place for doing business and can greatly affect your mood.

Introduce some Colour
White plain office may drive you crazy with its emptiness. Introduce colour into your workspace and make it pleasing to the eye and mind. Repaint the walls into some pastel colours to warm the room up. Spread colourful rugs or carpets and make your office cosy. The furniture should also have some colour in it, and complement the whole office interior design with stylish accessories such as cushions with patterns, stylish vases with fresh flowers and tasteful curtains. Also, hang some artwork to decorate the walls, or simply set up a few of your family photos. Fill your office with vibrant colours and energy, and you will never get tired of your office’s good looks.
Stay Clean and Organized
Ban any eating at the desk so you would avoid messy workspace and annoying crumbs all over the place. If you drink coffee or other beverages while working, use coasters and avoid stains and mug rings on the desk. Additionally, organize the office according to your needs and avoid clutter. File papers daily and label those files, bins and storage cabinets. Make sure to always restore things to their right place and to straighten up the place for a few minutes at the end of the day, so you would maintain clutter-free office and organized mind.

Adjust the Temperature
Comfortable office requires comfortable room temperature for effective working. If you are too hot or cold, you will only be distracted by adding or extracting more clothes, or by wiping the sweat off of your face. If possible, install an air conditioning in your office and find the optimal temperature for you, if not, always have a small cooling fan on your desk, or a space heater to adjust the temperature. Having a comfortable body temperature will only encourage your creativity and productivity because it does not have to find the ways to accommodate itself.

Keep the Wires under Control
To avoid any stumbling over wires and cables or tangling up of you equipment, you need to keep the cords under control. There are various creative and simple ways of keeping the cords in order and you just need to get yourself to organize that mess. Tie the cords together or untangle them and label each one of them; separate the cords with paperclips or tuck them under your carpet. However, if you still find this frustrating, you can always switch to wireless devices and solve the problem on the long run.

Do not hesitate to spend some extra time and money on creating a comfy home office. No good will come out of messy, disorganized and annoying office. Make yourself at home and enhance your performance.

2 komentar:

Nancy Chan February 25, 2016 at 6:12 PM  

It is so true that the office is our 2nd home.

Chloe R January 24, 2018 at 9:27 PM  

Excellent blog post Lina. Really helped us out with figuring out what we needed in our office to feel comfortable :)

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