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When Diabetes Runs in the Family: Ways to Detect, Prevent and Treat

>> Feb 9, 2016

Diabetes is a life threatening health condition considered as one of the leading causes of death around the world. It is when our pancreas is incapable of producing insulin or the insulin produced is not functioning accurately (termed as insulin resistance) making our immune system frail and more prone to other complications.
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Detecting Diabetes

Even if you are aware of your family’s medical history and that there is indication that diabetes runs in the blood, it can still come as a shock to parents when their child shows even the slightest sign of being diabetic. 

Here are some symptoms of diabetes that you need to watch out for, it is advisable to consult your family doctor as soon as possible upon noticing these signs of dangers:
1.   Constant drinking even at night.Children that may have type 1 diabetes will be unusually thirsty and might nag you that he/she drinks more than two glasses even when its nap time. The reason for this is that their blood-glucose level rises and the result leads to fluid being pulled from body tissues.
2.   With the unquenchable thirst, your child of course will naturally experience frequent urination. So if you have observed your child taking bathroom breaks more than usual, there may be a serious reason behind it.
3.   Hunger is also a major concern for diabetic children, either they are extremely hungry or have an upsetting loss of appetite.
4.   With your child’s hunger issues, lack of energy and sluggish behavior may also be present because of the body’s incapability of using sugar in the bloodstream as energy source.
5.   Blurry eyesight and fatigue is likewise some of the most serious problems diabetics could experience.

Preventing Diabetes

Before detection and diagnosis of diabetes, encouraging your children to take control of the situation may be the best possible prevention ever. Make this as an opportunity to change certain habits in achieving a better and well lifestyle for it is just as easy as eating healthier foods, and exercising daily. Plus, doing it with the whole family helps give a clear perspective of the great benefits in keeping track and staying healthy.
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Treating Diabetes

Having diabetes can be overwhelming for most children especially when given lots of pointers in handling their health condition, just imagine being daunted by numerous treatments he/she will be taking for years to come.
·         If your child has to undergo strict diet plan, try to ease up the situation by preparing the same meal for the whole family, this helps your child to adapt the lifestyle changes the simplest way.
·         More physical action for your kid is no problem! Why not join the fun and make it a wonderful time for the whole family to bond? Everyone will surely enjoy some exciting activities, group sports and for the weekend, go and explore the great outdoors!
·         When all else fails, a reputable medicine for diabetes should handle the case well. Drugs such as Glimepride ,Glibenclamide, Metaformin, and Glipizide are some sugar substitutes that promote healthy eating, and they readily available in drugstores to help treat diabetes.

Overtime, your child will come to familiarize themselves with the notion of having diabetes treatment making it much easier for them to cope up and capable enough to manage the condition their own. So when diabetes runs in the family, be sure to eat right, live right and live worry-free by taking these simple steps in achieving wellness!

Author Bio:
Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for The Generics Pharmacy and an Event PRO in the Philippines.
Thoroughly fascinated about travelling, leisure, and living the good life!

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