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Teachergive Sale 2023

Is It Possible to Motivate Teenagers?

>> Feb 5, 2016

As unyielding as it might sound, it is possible to motivate a teen, even more so, you will be able to inspire them to do things they did not like in the start. Keep in mind that it will be a delicate matter, and that you should approach it with great care. Otherwise, your teen might get rebellious and stubborn.

Make a Deal With Your Teen
You need to lay out your terms openly, and explain in detail what you expect. After all, they are young adults, and they must be given a level of reasonability. However, be sure to set clear rules and to present what will happen, if they do not hold up their part of the deal. Furthermore, try to stay true to your terms as well, because you have to show them that they have your trust. Nevertheless, teach your teen that trust is earned and not just gained for free.

Set Clear Goals for Motivation
Unless you give them a direction and a sense of achievability, they will need to see that there is a higher purpose and that reaching it will be rewarded. Be sure to offer help as well, because teens might feel overwhelmed. Give them a hand and work together to create a bond, which can be transformed into more, and which will be appreciated by your teen. Understand that they are going through tough changes, and that most often, they will be stubborn.

Finding Inspiration Where You Least Expect It
Every teenager will behave differently, but you need to be patient and learn what their interests are, in order to pull out some ways to inspire them. Connecting with them will be tedious, and you need to think back how you felt when you were a teen. Speak from experience, and make sure to offer comfort whenever possible, to appeal to you teen. On the other hand, you can try to enter their world, slowly and subtly, to find out what you can do to peak their interest.

Offer an Incentive To Motivate Your Teen
Some teens will react better to an incentive, when they are asked to do something. However, do not assume that it has to be money all the time, ask them what they need, but do not be hasty to agree to their terms. Negotiations can be done easily if you find a common way to communicate, but, be sure to pull out if you see that it is not leading anywhere.

Help Them With Their Driver's License
One of the biggest tests your teen has to pass, which could have serious implications if they fail, is to learn how to drive a car. Luckily, you can sign them up in one of the greater driving schools in Melbourne, to ensure that they pass on their first try. On the other hand, you need to spend time with them, whenever possible to help and encourage them when driving. This will be useful to boost and build their confidence, and to learn the responsibilities on the road.

It will be possible to motivate your teens, but you need to ensure that you are no forcing your will onto them, and that they have a say in it as well. Be sure to hear them out, because it will be a crucial aspect you need to pay attention to. The teen brain is a delicate mindset, and it will be fragile, meaning that you cannot approach them directly. Take the slow approach and do not rush it, otherwise you will frighten them and be counterproductive.

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